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Betlion Review App Sports Betting, Online Sportsbook



Betting has become a number one pastime activity for a huge number of people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. And betting craze has not avoided Kenyan too with more and more betting services providing betting opportunities for the masses. With Kenyan gambling laws being followed, there is nothing wrong with new companies looking for their place in the betting market. However, for many Kenyans finding a reliable and trustworthy bookmaker is quite a task nowadays, so they need some assistance in this crusade. Here we will tell you about a new service where you can place bets safely and not worry about wasting your money down the drain.

Betlion has rightfully conquered the hearts and minds of many gamblers around the world and now came to Kenya to become the best betting service. Continue reading the article and you will find out info about live betting, the registration process for a BetLion account, the login process, and much more. Prepare yourself for the interaction with the service and place your first bet risk-free. Without further ado, let’s start.

BetLion.com is a great way for Kenyans to gamble

The situation with betting markets is really interesting now with more and more online sportsbook services which want to enter it and the number of gamblers that supposedly doesn’t grow. Sometimes it even seems that there are more betting options than players. However, BetLion is here to change the situation once and forever.

It was established not long ago, in 2019, but since then joining BetLion became not a need, but a must. With a sophisticated system of bonuses like a BetLion welcome bonus, different withdrawal methods available to betters, and jackpot games, betting on BetLion is pure pleasure. You can also forget about losing money as BetLion has been approved by the Betting control and licensing board of Kenya, making the whole process seem like a regular mundane activity.

BetLion Kenya: interesting and unexpected facts

Even though BetLion offers many actions that seem regular for adepts of betting, it has moments that need to be discussed. First, after you decide to visit the site, you will notice that it looks quite odd. The reason is that it is centered around mobile phones and looks best on your devices. Hence, live betting on a desktop is not the best experience they offer, you better download mobile apps and check them out. Next, promotions are huge in BetLion. Free bets will help you get started with the betting activities, the referal program lets you introduce friends to your favorite pastime, and a loyalty bonus allows you to show your preference to BetLion and receive rewards for it.

But the main dish is surely money withdrawal as it is what we all came here for. Luckily, there are several options offered to the ones who place wagers. You can choose M-Pesa or Airtel money if you find it more convenient. Also, getting your money by SMS is another great way offered by BetLion.

Pros and cons of BetLion

Understanding whether the service is good or bad is much easier when you see everything in front of your eyes. Let’s sum up all pros and cons here.

The following benefits and drawbacks are what you will encounter while using BetLion:

  • Advantages

    The number of sports offerings can blow your mind, with 20+ positions, including both popular sports and less popular sports. BetLion mobile app works like a dream, so problems and bugs occur rarely. But if you happen to get one, the responsive community support service is there to help.

  • Disadvantages

    As good the mobile version of BetLion is, as terrible looks the desktop version. Moreover, you will not find anywhere the iOS app, so proud iPhone users will have to use their browser. Last but not least, the welcome bonus could be even better.

How to register on BetLion

The registration process for BetLion is an essential step toward placing your bets on sporting events or accessing virtual betting. To get an account there, you need to visit the BetLion site and click “Register” to get the window where you have to enter your phone number and choose a PIN. After that, you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile device and you will be logged in. Another way of obtaining an account number is to send an SMS “JOIN” to 40418 and in exchange you will get the PIN.

Remember, that the identity of the users has to be confirmed, so you don’t worry if someone at BetLion asks you to show your documents and a selfie. This is a standard procedure and there is nothing wrong with showing your pretty face to someone.

BetLion: getting your money back

Before you start winning millions on your bets against all odds, your account requires an initial deposit. But how to get some money to my account, you will ask? Well, overall there are several deposit methods available to BetLion users. The most popular ones include M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and SMS. Conditions for all of them are the same: 50 KES of minimum deposit, 70,000 KES of maximum deposit. However, the devil is in the details.

In your banking app, you need to find the Payments section and enter Paybill. The Paybill numbers for these services are different (212927 for M-Pesa and 136680 for Airtel money). Having done that, enter the amount of money you need and add BetLion as the reference. As for mobile money, it is better to ask your provider for the exact rules. Sadly, cryptocurrencies are not accepted as of now, but maybe at some point in the future, it will be presented as an option.

Have won some cash? Congratulations, let’s withdraw it! The minimum withdrawal amount is equal to 50 KES with a maximum of 70,000 KES. To get your hard-earned money to your bank account, you need to go to the BetLion site and find the “Withdraw” button. Then confirm the transaction in the service you prefer and voila – you have your cash in the flesh!

BetLion.co.ke extra activities to attract punters

BetLion service is famous for its bonuses and one of the most famous offers after signing up. According to the experts, BetLion gives the best sign-up offers and you will miss your chance if you don’t take advantage of it. Let’s examine closely other bonuses.

The bonuses that BetLion offers are the following:

  1. Free bet

    Have lost your bet right after going through the login process? No time to cry as BetLion compensates it as long as it is lower than 1000 KES.

  2. Second chance refund

    If your selection of five matches loses, you get a refund for another football bet. The maximum amount of money is also 1000 KES.

  3. Refer a friend

    If you decide to invite your friends, you can get a bonus for it. BetLion sportsbook will give you 100 KES right after a friend of yours places their premiere bet.

Unique jackpot system at BetLion

For those who are already tired of normal sports betting and the Champions League doesn’t satisfy your picky character, BetLion sportsbook offers the Jackpot games. They are held every day, week, or month and you can make up to 20,000, 100,000, and 500,000 KES respectively.

Moreover, the ticket price is really a drop in the ocean – 20, 50, and 100 KES. So we definitely advise you to get a ticket every now and then.

BetLion: advantages and disadvantages concerning sports betting

If you have already visited the home page of the BetLion service, you must have noticed the huge number of sports available to bet on. And this is just one of many advantages of BetLion. Let’s compare them with the disadvantages concerning sports betting.


Free bet gives you a great headstart and helps to decrease stress levels from not getting it right. On both stages, pre-match and in-game, cashout works amazing. Also, wonderful levels of customization are available to every wager.


Sadly, it is impossible to find any non-sporting events there as well as antepost. Moreover, the absence of live streaming can really disappoint many users. Last but not least, the multibet is also not presented there.

BetLion: how to overplay the casino?

Right now both Android users and desktop players can notice several slots where they can also bet. Don’t faint, such an opportunity really exists. Even though the number of games and providers does not amaze you, you can already take advantage of some games.

The most popular games are Big Bas Bonanza, Rainbow Gold, and Tic Tac Take offering RTP well over 95% with 5 reels. Isn’t that a dream? Sadly, none of these games can be enjoyed in demo mode, so you will have to spend some cash on it.

BetLion app: place bets on the move

As we have stated earlier, betting in the mobile version of the BetLion app is much better than using a desktop version. To get an app for Android devices the only thing you need is to download it from the official BetLion site. In the mobile version, you don’t need to create another account and can sign up with your regular one.

However, there is sad news awaiting iOS users – there is no app for their phone. Instead, you will have to access the BetLion bookmaker site from the browser. Hopefully, BetLion will deliver the mobile version for iPhone users soon!

Getting support at BetLion.ke

BetLion Kenya really cares about its reputation and services, hence the BetLion app or deposit system work extremely well, but some inconvenience can always happen and that’s when customer support service is there to help you continue gambling. Customer support options include chat, email, phone number, or messaging via social media like Facebook.

Customer support can help you with different problems. For example, you cannot download an Android BetLion app, or have difficulties concerning the sign-up procedure. Moreover, more specific problems like finding ice hockey bets or the location of the menu bar can also be solved with the help of specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are in development on the BetLion app?

As for now, it is impossible to find a number of features in the app of this online sportsbook service. For example, a really popular and useful feature of live streaming simply doesn’t exist. Moreover, there is only an Android app available for the phone, while iOS users still suffer. Moreover, the free bets system could become better with more options for gamblers.

What to spend my first deposit on?

There is no correct answer to this as everyone will speak their mind and the result will be different. However, we advise you to spend the deposit on the sport you know like football. We believe that the odds here are much better and remember about the bonus you will receive for the bet.

What does the future of BetLion Kenya look like?

To satisfy old Kenyan punters and attract new punters, BetLion Kenya is looking for ways to improve its Android app to give a better user experience. Also, the bookmaker surely wants to make the deposit system much clearer and faster than it is now.

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