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by James Ndetto  - August 8, 2023

People have always been trying to invent new ways of spending their free time to recharge the inner battery and get some benefits for their health or their pocket. And while for some of them, for example, sport has become an inseparable part of their life, for others, who cannot practice it to the full or simply don’t want to, betting sites and gambling are the best pastime activity. Some time ago it was conjugated with inconveniences like dressing up and leaving your home to place bets or getting cash from your bank account. Well, now the only thing you need to do to participate in the betting process is open your mobile phone and tap on the websites whom you trust.

If finding the right company that will receive your bets seems like quite a task for you, then we have a great option for you – the BetKing website. Being a newcomer in the world of the betting business, it has already become a prominent player in the Kenyan market that provides unmatched betting experience to everyone in need. Continue reading this article to find out more about BetKing registration, virtual leagues available, a welcome bonus, and how it can satisfy your betting needs.

Important info on BetKing sportsbook

If you have been following sports in Kenya for long enough, you surely remember the name of our today’s hero. BetKing was the main sponsor of the Kenyan Premier league, which granted massive attention to it and an enormous number of users. Even though this agreement no longer exists, BetKing stays one of the best betting sites in Kenya and regularly acquires new customers with clever marketing campaigns. Let’s learn a bit about their history and some legal details.

Being established in Kenya in 2020, the service has got its license (0000285, BCLB Kenya) which makes betting there a legal activity, so you should not be afraid of any legal implications. As you can see, the company is rather young and cannot be compared with those with large portfolios, but they surely have something to amaze with. For example, it is possible to take advantage of BetKing by using a Safaricom sim card and wasting less mobile data. Moreover, you will not find any casinos here, only sports betting, so those who are seeking special tables should look for them on another site, but all in good time.

BetKing Kenya review: Everything you need to know

But what features can BetKing boast to attract possible customers? This company is definitely for you if you are looking for services with a clear and fast registration process. Hardly will you spend more than a minute on it. What is more, they improve content all the time and now have around 25 sports, 300 events, and 7,000 matches, so you will definitely not get bored. Moreover, you can place bets from any part of the world as long as you have downloaded the application and entered your account. Let’s compare BetKing features side by side.

Pros and cons of BetKing in Kenya

It’s always easier to get the full picture of a betting site if you compare benefits and drawbacks side by side, so let’s do it together.


First, the company offers M-Pesa to replenish the account which is considered the most convenient way of getting money to bet in comparison to other payment services. Next, with a clear and understandable website design, finding the necessary information is a piece of cake. Moreover, you can bet even when you are far from the computer – just download the BetKing app to your mobile device.


As for the drawbacks of the site, the company does not offer any welcome bonuses and you can’t register a BetKing referral code if you are situated in Kenya. Also, there are no casino-like activities, only sports betting. Last but not least, you will not receive any cashback as you could from other websites.

BetKing Kenya registration guide

Just like for any other website, to receive betting options you need to create a BetKing account first. BetKing offers two ways of getting a BetKing account – by using your phone number or by receiving an SMS with a code. Let’s examine both ways.

The following procedures allow you to get an account:

  • Website registration

    After visiting the BetKing site and clicking the button “Join now”, you have to enter your phone number and choose a password. Having agreed with the terms and conditions, you will receive an SMS with a PIN that will verify the account

  • SMS registration

    Send the word “Join” to the number 29070 and in exchange you will receive a password for BetKing mobile login. Use it to enter your BetKing account.

Remember, that to get access to your money, it is necessary to go through the verification procedure according to the legislation of Kenya. Otherwise, some features will be locked to you.

BetKing paybill and banking options

With the technology developing every day it may be hard to grasp all the novelties on the market. More and more betting companies introduce new ways to put a deposit to the account and some even give an opportunity to use cryptocurrencies. However, this is not the case with BetKing as they prefer time-proven methods of payment – M-Pesa. This service allows users to place bets in BetKing, but don’t forget about the minimum deposit amount which is equal to 100 KES. However, if you want to go big, the maximum deposit amount is 70,000 KES per transaction.

To deposit, you can click the “Deposit now” button right in your account and follow the steps offered by your M-Pesa app. Another way of concluding the process is to use the M-Pesa app directly and enter your BetKing account number there. You will get an SMS to your mobile phone number and the transaction will be successful in seconds.

In order not to waste all your money on a betting site, the company can provide features like withdrawing your money from BetKing. Again, you can do it from the browser, directly from the account, or use your mobile device and send an SMS to BetKing Paybill linked to your M-Pesa account.

BetKing mobile bonus 2023

In the modern world, most betting sites offer a promo code or any other welcome bonus for new customers. However, this is not about BetKing. A BetKing promo code is a non-existent thing and it is quite hard to find bonuses for gamblers, but we have done it.

BetKing can boast the following bonuses:

  1. If you add 5 or more matches to your bet slip, your winnings will be increased by 5% and this figure can also get even higher and reach up to 225%! Isn’t it crazy? However, there is one condition – the minimum odds should be at least 1:20 for the bonus to occur.
  2. Have you ever placed bets in virtual leagues? The time has come, as doing so will give you a pass to drawing the BetKing jackpot, and on the condition of winning, you will receive 25,000 KES.

Sadly, we couldn’t find any info on a BetKing promo code for new players, so perhaps it also doesn’t exist. Sad news for the starters, but they can always take advantage of the previously mentioned bonuses.

BetKing prediction and sports betting offer

Apart from a couple of bonus elements, we have been able to receive information concerning sports betting and we have some things to tell you. First, constantly you can find at least 20 sports to place your bet on. Thanks to the clear design of the site, noticing them is a piece of cake. Surprisingly, apart from popular sports like basketball, there are also some that are quite specific like ice hockey, which may attract professional gamblers. Moreover, you receive detailed statistics for matches or virtual games that you bet on. This is great for your analysis and information controls to improve your betting experience.

On the other hand, the overall number of sports leaves much to be desired. We are sure that BetKing could create more options for gamblers, or at least add bonuses (like BetKing promo code) to compensate for it. What is more, small details are also important for such services. One of many details that should be fixed is live streaming. While on many other sites you can clearly see on the home page live streams of popular sports, BetKing doesn’t provide features like this. Hopefully, these details will be added and our review will be changed, as a bonus. We will keep an eye on them and verify.

Is there a BetKing app online casino?

Concerning online casinos, there is not a lot that can be said about BetKing – there is no such thing as a BetKing app casino for now. It means that features like video slots, poker, or roulette games are unavailable to everyone who wanted to gamble a bit.

Yes, without these details BetKing doesn’t look like a complete service, but hopefully, features like sports betting will bring you much-needed joy. If not, you can always take advantage of these features by using a browser or your mobile device and accessing another sportsbook.

BetKing app for Android

Yes, you have heard it correctly – there is an app for your mobile device on Android! This is the cherry on the pie of the Betking sportsbook. It gives you access to your betting account from wherever you are without additional BetKing registration. All you need is to download the BetKing app and install it on your mobile phone. Don’t forget to update your Android phone to the latest version. For a complete experience, enter the info of your account like username and password to get access to everything you have in the browser.

Sadly, there is no BetKing app for iOS, so the only option to use the sportsbook features is to enter the browser and bet there. No BetKing registration is required, though. Still, we hope that in the future BetKing will complete its pool of applications and create an iOS one to bring mobile peace to the world.

Is BetKing app customer support good?

Troubles may occur with every app and site, there is no remedy for them as there are no perfect applications. However, there are people that can always give you a helping hand. This is the motto of customer support. If you are having trouble and can’t download an app, your bonus is not shown, or the app won’t work, you can always talk to the professionals there. Contact them via chat or email ([email protected]) or write them a message on a variety of social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Don’t worry about your data, as no true specialist has access to it unless you grant it. However, be careful with fraudsters and don’t download any viruses or you will lose all your money in a second!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is necessary for BetKing registration?

There is not a lot you can do before BetKing registration as features like a BetKing promo code or bonus money are not accessible to the BetKing clients from Kenya. To register on BetKing you need to enter your account username and come up with a password. Another important part is data as your phone number is essential for the account to work.

How to improve the download time of BetKing?

Improving the download time is quite hard, but possible. One way of doing so is to get cookie choices right. You can turn off some optional cookies, but essential cookies are important to turn on. Cookie choices learn from your behavior and will make the site work faster. Another way of helping BetKing is to turn off the ads. Do it on your mobile device if you get many ads as they decrease the rate at which data is downloaded.

What to do if I forget my BetKing data?

Both the BetKing app and website are safe places for your data. Consider it a bonus for your loyalty. In other words, no one can access into there, so if you have forgotten your data like password, it is all there and you only need to find it. You can ask for an email with your info or reset the password and create another one. As a bonus, BetKing customer support in Kenya will help you avoid any troubles and safely guide you through the whole process on-site or on your mobile device.

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