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Achi`s Ranch And Horse Riding Club In Nairobi: Join Horse Riding Exercise In Kenya

achi s ranch and horse riding club in nairobi join horse riding exercise in kenya


Kenya is a land of plentiful in terms of opportunities, entertainment and life in general. New experiences always crop up for those who persist in indulging their spirit of adventure. Thousands of tourists travel to Kenya each year to partake of the beautiful scenarios and awe-inspiring creations. Domestic tourism in Kenya continues to gain momentum as Kenyans embrace their environment. However, there is a fantastic way to take in the scenic environment. This is by riding a horse in Kenya. Achi’s Ranch and Horse Riding Club in Kenya is the go to place when it comes to horse riding.

Who can go Horse riding in Kenya?

Horse riding in Kenya is a good bet for horse lovers, the youth and the old. You can make a day of horse riding in Kenya and use it as a bonding exercise. There are numerous benefits gained by horse riding Kenyans. First is the exercise aspect and keeping fit out of horse riding in Kenya. When you ride a horse, you get a good workout as all your muscles are put into use. Horse riding in Kenya relieves stress too. There is just something very relaxing about being on a horse as you take in scenic routes of Kenya.

Location of Achi’s Ranch and Horse Riding Club in Nairobi, Kenya

Achi’s Ranch and Horse Riding Club in Nairobi is situated off Forest Edge Road, approximately 1.5km form the Bomas of Kenya, Mikinduri Road on Mikinduri Lane. Achi’s Ranch and Horse Riding Club in Nairobi offers horse riding classes for beginners. The excursions of horse riding in Achi’s Ranch and Horse Riding Club in Nairobi take place through the Ngong Forest in Nairobi and there are well trained professional horse trainers to lead the way into the wild. This means that you will not be in any danger of getting lost and you can fully enjoy the experience and the vicinity of horse riding in Kenya.

Dress code while going horse riding in Kenya

Horse riding in Kenya needs to be done in comfortable clothes. However, you need not spend money on professional horse riding clothes and boots in Kenya. Jeans and sneakers should do very well. One should put on jeans due to enable comfort when you are on the horse. A helmet comes in handy during horse riding in Kenya and you should carry your own if you have it. However, you should think about investing in horse riding boots in Kenya if you intend to make horse riding a regular hobby. Horse Riding boots are available in all styles and colours in Shops such as Mr. Price along Moi Avenue in Nairobi and they can also be paired up with regular jeans when you want to go out and they are definitely durable.

Horse riding is always a fun activity. However, Horse riding can also be done professionally in Kenya. A lot of Horse riding clubs in Kenya have tournaments and championships for both amateurs and professionals. The first step however is getting acquainted with the horses. Whatever your preference, you will gain a lot by simply engaging in the activity. Horse riding in Kenya is fun, affordable, healthy and exciting.

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