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ZUKU Satellite TV and Fiber Packages and their Respective features in Kenya

zuku satellite tv and fiber packages and their respective features in kenya


Kenya have recently undergone a lot of changes in almost any sector of development and life. Due to the digital introduction of various devices and gadgets, most people have now switched every mode of their life to accept this digital change. For instance, people do not have to visit shops with cash as in the past but they now use credit cards which is one of the forms of technological advancement. Other examples that show that people have adapted to digital world is the use of the internet to do banking as well as read newspapers and so much more.

In this digital era, people have even now advanced the viewing of television channels and the mode of reception. In the past, people could only view local television broadcasting stations which did not provide all the news and entertainment as required and expected by the viewers. However, in the present, people through the introduction of digital satellites and set topboxes, viewers can subscribe through the service providers to view the digital broadcasting stations locally and internationally. Some of the common service providers in Kenya include DSTV, ZUKU, Startimes and many others. They provide the channels but the viewers have to pay for their subscription monthly.

ZUKU being one of the service providers have ensured that its customers have got the most brilliant experience from their services. They present various TV satellite and Fiber packages with of course variety in the monthly cost. There are 3 different TV packages and their features include;

i)                    ZUKU POA- this package present 44 Video channels chose by the viewer from the variety presented, 43 Radio channels and all the local channels in which it is charged at Ksh 799 per month. However, ZUKU charges Ksh 5600 for setting up and the installation of this package

ii)                   ZUKU Classic – another package which offer 65 Video channels, 43 Audio channels and all the local channels with a monthly fee of Ksh 1199 but it require Ksh 5600 for set up and installation before the viewer can start using it.

iii)                 ZUKU Premium – this package is set up and fully installed with a charge of Ksh 5600. It offers 89 Video channels, 43 Audio channels and all the Local channels at a monthly fee of Ksh 2399.

The fiber packages presented by ZUKU include;

i)                    Classic/R1 – this subscription involve Basic TV of 70 channels, residential 1 Mbps, phone and WI-FI router at a cost of Ksh 2999 per month. The setup fee is Ksh 3999 and supports small household of up to 2 users email, surfing, document downloading and photo uploads.

ii)                   Premium/R10 – this package supports Premium TV of 100 channels, residential 10 Mbps, Phone and WI-FI router. The setup fee involved is Ksh 3999 and supports households of up to 4 users, moderate music and movie download, media streaming on YouTube all at a monthly fee of Ksh 4299

iii)                 Premium/R20 – this fiber package enable the user to view Premium TV of 100 channels, Residential of 20 Mbps, phone and WI-FI router. It also involves a setup fee of Ksh 3999 and supports large households with multiple devices and or up to 6 users, heavy music and movie downloads and media streaming. The monthly payment for this subscription is Ksh 9999.

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