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Where to Obtain Kenyan Citizenship in Kenya

where to obtain kenyan citizenship in kenya


The issue of citizenship is sensitive in many countries especially here in Kenya. Obtaining Kenyan citizenship is not only mind boggling it’s stressful to say the least especially if you have no idea where to obtain it. As a national identification card is a vital record that documents the nationality of a person, Its importance cannot be over emphasized as only through the producing of this vital document can you get other important documents here in Kenya including passports, visas, bank loans and application for employment or registration for Kenya national examination exams in Kenya for diploma or certificate courses

Registration requirements

Perceived as a vital document, Kenyan citizenship application can only be done by people who qualify for. To qualify one has to either be a Kenyan by birth, descent, registration or by naturalisation. Those who qualify include; Commonwealth citizens who have been lawfully and legally resident in Kenya for a minimum and continuous period of five years preceding their date of application. Citizens from non- commonwealth countries who have been lawfully and legally resident in the country for a continuous period of seven years preceding the date of application are also eligible for application and Wives and children of Kenyan citizens.

Registration of persons in Kenya is done under the office of the president, ministry of interior and co-ordination of National Government, immigration and registrations of persons. The department of immigration acknowledges the right of a person to a name and nationality hence they strive to offer quality, efficient services with impartiality to all who are seeking registration for Kenyan citizenship persons irrespective of color or race. To fulfill and prove the above requirement of descent, a birth notification document that is pink or a birth certificate has to be produced. By marriage however the application has to be done by the husband/father of wife or children In accordance with pursuant of Kenyan citizenship as availed in the Kenyan constitution.

Location of immigration offices in kenya

To be considered for registration or naturalization for Kenyan citizenship. An application has to be made to the ministry in charge of immigration offices, sighting reasons why you want to become a citizen. The application can be done at the national government immigration and registration of persons main offices are located in Upper hill Nairobi, located at Nyayo House, Ground floor, North Wing, in Nairobi . They can be contacted through their postal address at P.O. Box 30191-00100 Nairobi, telephone number; +254 020 2222022 or Fax number; +254 020 2220731. The application can also be done at Mombasa Coast Regional Office , Uhuru na Kazi Building, P .O. Box 908284 Mombasa. Their contact information are phone; 041 222676 or Fax 041 2222585. Other immigration offices include Kisumu Western Regional Office , New Provincial Headquarters,P.O. Box 1128-40100 Kisumu,Telephone; 057 2024935, 2025438, 0700 596071,Fax number; 057 2020846 .Eldoret   immigration offices at North Rift Regional Office,Public Works building, P. O. Box 6725 Eldore .Garissa  immigration North eastern Regional offices, contacts; P .O. Box 304 Garissa, Telefax; 0462102140.Nakuru immigration offices at Central Rift Regional Office, Rift Valley Provincial Headquarters, P. O. Box 17632 Nakuru, Telefax; 0512210029 and Embu immigration Central Regional Office, Provincia Headquarters, contacts; P.O. Box 1260 Embu. The immigration department of Kenya can also be contacted through their official email address at [email protected] or you can visit their website at www.immigration.go.ke

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