Where To Obtain A Medical Certificate Of Good Health In Nairobi, Kenya

by admin  - November 27, 2022

The hospitality industry in Kenya is a broad class of grouping that includes the service industry, lodgings, hotels and restaurants, occasions and events planning, transportation and other fields within the tourism industry in Kenya. The hospitality unit consists of several sets of people such as the management, servers and housekeepers, kitchen workers and bar attendants, marketing and facility maintenance team in Kenya who come in contact with many people. Hence, many businesses in the hospitality industry endeavor to keep relevant by ensuring they provide quality services to their clients in Kenya enabling them to keep their currents clients and attract more clients from their competitors.

In Kenya, it is necessary to obtain a medical certificate of good health to reduce the challenges faced while working in the hospitality industry. As Kenya is a major tourist hub with many tourist attraction sites in different parts of Kenya, the personnel has to deal with all sorts of people from around the world, dealing with clients unique characters, diverse cultural background, individual personal preferences on particular things while keeping their high standard of professionalism of giving exceptional customer service in Kenya. In view of this, a certificate of good medical standing in Kenya is deemed necessary to ensure one will not pose any health risks to others in their line of service.

Where to obtain the medical certificate of good health in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi City Council in Kenya issue the preferred medical certificate by most Kenyan employees. To obtain a medical certificate of good health in Nairobi, you will have to visit the main offices of Nairobi City Council located in City Hall in City Hall Plaza on City Hall way off Wabera Street in Nairobi. There the individual will undergo a series of tests before being issued a certificate of good health in Kenya. To get the medical certificate of good health, you make a fee payment of Ksh. 700 which is a requirement. The series of tests done in Kenya before obtaining a certificate of good health include inspecting for a contagious bacterial infection in the blood and stool to ensure that the individual does not have any disease that can be spread through the handling of water and foods. Once adequately convinced that the individual has a clean bill of health in Kenya, he is issued with the certificate of good health in Nairobi hence cleared fit for duty in the hospitality industry in Kenya.

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