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Where Best to Purchase School Accessories in Kenya: Text Book Centre Limited

where best to purchase school accessories in kenya text book centre limited


In Kenya, many schools especially public schools have insufficient reading materials for all their students and pupils as well as for teaching staff. This therefore forces most of the parents to buy books and reading materials for their sons/daughters. Again, the books issued by the schools may be outdated or very old hence lacking the current affairs and modern mode of study. Parents who are therefore concerned with the schooling of their children, will then ensure that they are vanished with the latest and modern books in the market.

The major challenge in shopping for the books is how you will identify the best bookshop which you can be able to access the best quality of books and other reading materials with again the cheapest price among the vast bookshops in the market. The bookshops which could be providing the best quality of books could be minimal compared to the one which are out there to make money from these desperate parents and children without caring about the quality and standards of these books.

Text Book Centre Limited therefore has been in the market to provide the highest quality of books and with the most affordable prices. Text Book Centre Limited ensures that parents and children have accessed all their educational needs in terms of reading materials under one roof as they provide all the materials required by students and also teachers such as Text books, drawing books, geometrical sets, pencils, pens, educational CDs, educational DVDs and many more accessories.

Parents and students therefore are advised to shop in these bookshops as quality of their material is high and they ensure that their prices are affordable to the students and parents. The other major advantage of shopping for reading materials in Text Book Centre is that they always ensure that the books they have in their possession is modern and of the latest version and therefore they are able to supplement information found in the other old books found in schools.

Text Book Centre Limited therefore as an established bookshop and which they go as “much more than a bookshop” have been able to establish branches in Kenya so as to ensure that Kenyans have accessed their high quality services from wherever they are without struggling to have these services from the main branch.

Text Book Centre Limited Branches and their Contacts in Kenya:

Its main branch is located in Kijabe Street and therefore people from within Nairobi can visit their main office for their brilliant services. This main branch can also be contacted either through;

P.O Box 47540-00100 Nairobi or

Telephone: 020 8068532/4/5

Mobile: 0722 560 580, 0733 699991

Fax: 2225779

Email: [email protected]

SARIT CENTRE BRANCH: Text Book Centre Limited are also situated in Sarit Centre and can be contacted through;

Telephone: 020 8045019

Mobile: 0734940940, 0720539539

Fax: 4449685

Email: [email protected]

KAKAMEGA BRANCH: Text Book Centre Limited also have a branch in Kakamega which is located in the Holden Mall and can be visited by Kakamega Residents for purchase or can be contacted for enquiries through either;

Telephone: 056-30295 or

Fax: 056- 30229 and

Email: [email protected]

JUNCTION BRANCH: Text Book Centre Limited also opened a branch in Junction Mall along Ngong Road and residents from within the area such as residents from Dagoretti Corner, Ngong, and Karen can be able to purchase any accessories without travelling to Nairobi for these purchases. This branch can be contacted by;

Telephone: 020-2699123

Mobile: 0716 598220, 0736 657255 or

Email: [email protected]

GALLERIA BRANCH: It has also established a branch in the Galleria Mall in Lang’ata opposite Bomas of Kenya where residents in Lang’ata, Kiserian, Gachie, Rongai and from within these areas can buy reading accessories for their schooling from just nearby. This branch can be contacted through;

Telephone: 020 2320168

Mobile: 0736 733294 or

Email: [email protected]

Text Book Centre Limited therefore has to be your bookshop in the purchase of any reading accessories for yourself, for your Children or for your students as quality, standards and price is the best compared to other bookshops in Kenya.

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