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Various Water services and Treatment Companies in Kenya

various water services and treatment companies in kenya


Water is one of the most essential and basic commodity that all the people require in life. Water is required almost by every sector of life from industries to homesteads. Quality of water is therefore important especially when it comes to consumption and human use. There are a lot of impurities and organisms that may be present in water and thereby endanger the lives of the users.

Water is therefore required to be treated before consumption and use by individuals in the society. It is treated for pathogens, impurities and all other harmful substances that may be present in the water. Treatment should also be done with care and by the experienced because if it is done carelessly, it may also endanger lives as the harmful substances would not be destroyed or the chemicals used may be in excess and therefore also becoming dangerous.

Water treatment companies in Kenya ensure that all treatment is done with precautions and that all water is screened and examined before reaching the users. The treatment companies in Kenya include;

Biselex Kenya limited in one of the treatment and water services company that offer services regarding water such as Borehole pumping equipping, test pumping, Geo vision camera inspection, generators sets, water treatment and rehabilitation of old boreholes. They provide door to door services and can be contacted through email [email protected], [email protected] or through mobile at +254 20 556260, +254 20 2332248.

Keneco Environmental Company Ltd is yet another company that provide water services to Kenyans. They offer their services to companies that majorly bottle water by developing and delivering water and wastewater solutions to these companies. Keneco uses a bio-clear system that provide a modular approach to the treatment of wastewater. The Bio-clear system utilizes the extended aeration principles and functions by creating an environment with sufficient oxygen levels. This also treat water for domestic use such as washing, drinking and other uses.

SGS Kenya is a treatment company that offer their services to the best of their ability and have unique treatment services such as ARD (Acid Rock drainage) and heavy metal contaminated wastewater. They are an organization with exceptional understanding of water treatment providing innovative and practical treatment solutions to mineral processing and industrial facilities. The other treatment services include Lime precipitation including the HDS (High Density Sludge), engineered wetland, ion exchange and many more. They can be contacted by their email at [email protected] or through their website at www.sgs.co.ke

WOTECH Kenya limited is a provider of complete Borehole, water pumping, water treatment and wastewater management solutions. We offer a point-of-entry to point-of-discharge solutions. Our wide range of solutions portfolio includes the water treatment sewerage treatment, effluent treatment and services in the field of water management. They specialize in the water and wastewater management services for industrial and municipal sectors. They also sell products which has a one year guarantee. Their main objectives in the services provision is to maintain growth rate that is both sustainable and manageable, leading the market with the latest technology and timely services, environmental awareness in that it would be an intellectual and social asset to the community and environment as well as generate sufficient profit for their clients to create market for their services and recreate interest in saving our environment.



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