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Various Products And Services Offered By Rivatex East Africa LTD Kenya

various products and services offered by rivatex east africa ltd kenya


In Kenya, there are several agricultural areas which produce cotton as their cash crop. The cotton wool would be used for various uses and mostly in industries. Kenya as it has farmers who produce cotton wool in large scale have been able to establish and develop textile manufacturing industries. Textile manufacturing industries have been able to provide the farmers with a stable source of income as the cotton they produce always have a higher demand.

Rivatex East Africa LTD is one of the leading textile manufacturing industries in Kenya which was developed to process the cotton wool available in Kenya to various cotton products. This manufacturing industry is located on Kip Karen road in Eldoret and it is a Research, Product Development, Extension and Production facility of Moi University whose purpose is to enhance the capacity of training more students on industrial techniques, and to facilitate industrial research for staff and students. As a manufacturing industry, they manufacture textile products made from fiber through the weaving process.

This manufacturing industry aims at maintaining the efficiency in production and services delivery at all times, uphold honesty, integrity and courtesy in all actions as well as comply with all relevant legislation, legal requirements and set procedures. As a manufacturing industry, they ensure that they attach great importance to the contribution by all, build sustainable relationships and share the success of the company with all who contribute to it involving the farmers who provides the raw materials. They also observe human rights and equality for all while respecting the dignity of individuals, attach great importance to team work and consultative approach management as they remain committed to fulfilling the company’s goals and objectives and the same shall take precedence over individual interests.

The most popular products that Rivatex East Africa LTD produce involve Khanga, Kitenge for both men and women, Bed sheets, Flannel, Poplin, Drill, Dress materials, School Checks and uniforms which are sewed into different designs, Furnishings and Curtains, Suiting Materials as well as Shirting materials. Apart from the manufacture of clothing materials, Rivatex East Africa LTD also manufacture African Print Materials with African cultural designs and colors such as designs of Maasai dresses and much more cultural materials, Twill and Camouflage-like materials such as those for Military. All the products that they manufacture are processed through the weaving procedure and technique.

This industry also hosts an institute of higher learning which ensure that they train the students on the various techniques which they use in the manufacturing of the different products. This institute known as the Rivatex Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) ensure that it equip the interested students with the necessary skills on the manufacture and processing of the products. The institution is equipped with all the tools and equipment used by the manufacturing industry in the manufacturing processes and procedures for better learning and experimental purposes for the students of the Rivatex Institute of Science and Technology.

For any assistance or enquiries about their services and their products, they can be reached out through their contacts which are RIVATEX EAST AFRICA LIMITED, P.O BOX 4744 – 30100 Eldoret or through Telephone +254 53 2033117, +254 53 2033113, +254 53 2033114, +254 53 2033116 or through their email [email protected] and their website www.rivatex.co.ke

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