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Various Methods on how to pay for ZUKU Subscription bills in Kenya

various methods on how to pay for zuku subscription bills in kenya


Various Methods on how to pay for ZUKU Subscription bills in Kenya

ZUKU is a digital TV service provider who provide viewers with different forms of subscription in which the users are able to comfortably pay. These subscription are mainly pocket-friendly compared to same subscriptions from other TV service providers. ZUKU therefore turns out to be one of the most affordable forms of digital viewership in Kenya.

It presents their customers with other options and advantages which other digital TV service providers do not provide. For instance, ZUKU provides their customers with internet connectivity and free WI-FI in some of their packages which enable their customers to be able to watch the Video channels as well use the internet for various purposes. Therefore, in general, ZUKU subscriptions are more beneficial as compared to the other service providers. Furthermore, it presents the customers with convenient and easy ways to make payments for the settlement of their monthly bills.

The various methods which ZUKU customers can pay their bills include;

  • Through your handset:

M-PESA: – ZUKU enable their customers pay the bills through their handsets through Safaricom M-PESA. To pay with M-PESA, ensure that you identify the account number on the most recent invoices as you will need it to pay the bill. Go to M-PESA menu on your mobile phone and select the Pay Bill option.

Enter the ZUKU business number which is 220220 for ZUKU Satellite TV and ZUKU fiber, 320321 for ZUKU Airtime and 320320 for ZUKU fiber (Triple play) then followed by your ZUKU account number. Enter the amount to be paid and your M-PESA PIN and send.

You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA regarding the payment done as well as a SMS from ZUKU confirming the receiving of your payment. The payment will however reflect in ZUKU within an hour.

AIRTEL MONEY: – paying with your handset through Airtel Money is easy and as follows. Go to Airtel, Airtel Money option on your phone and select make payment option.

Select Pay Bill Option and select others. Enter the business name ZUKUCATV if the bill is for ZUKU fiber (Triple play), ZUKUVOICE if for ZUKU airtime or ZUKUSAT if for Satellite TV then followed by amount. Enter the PIN and for reference enter your ZUKU account number.

After the payment, you will receive Confirmation SMS from ZUKU and Airtel Money confirming the successful payment process. The payments will however be reflected within an hour by ZUKU.

  • Online at the ZUKU website:

Payment can also be done online through the ZUKU official website at www.zuku.co.ke. Click on pay online from the top menu.

Enter account details on the form and click continue. Follow the payment steps as displayed and shown in www.pesapal.com.

For credit cards payments, select Visa/MasterCard and enter the details as indicated and click on complete. You will receive a confirmation SMS while the payments will reflect in the ZUKU account in one hour’s time.


This is another form of paying for ZUKU but can only be used to pay Triple Play only. To make payments, insert the payment card select language and enter the PIN.

Choose the purchase/payment option and select the make a payment choice. Choose the pay bill option and put in the code for the ZUKU bill you want to pay.

Enter your ZUKU client code as listed in the ZUKU bill followed by the preferred phone number. Select the product you wish to pay for.

Enter the amount you want to pay. Please note that you must have sufficient funds in your account to facilitate this payment.

Verify that the details are correct and confirm payment. Process is complete. Please ensure that you take your receipt as it contains important information about your payments. Keep it safe.

  • Through the Bank

The ZUKU payment services through the bank is available at all bank branches of Prime Bank which is only open to payment of Triple play as well as Equity Bank branches which can only be used to pay Satellite TV bills only.

The bank payment accept only cash and cheques and the EFT method of payment is not acceptable in either of the banks.

All you need to do for payment is to fill the ZUKU deposit slip in prime bank and indicate the ZUKU account number. Please you have to quote your ZUKU account number but in Equity bank, you indicate your account number and enter the ZUKU satellite account number which is 0180290281503 in the Equity bank deposit slip

After that payment, you will receive a copy of the payment deposit slip. The ZUKU account will be updated within 3 working days and you be notified with an email from ZUKU that your account has been activated.

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