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Various Cab Service Companies and their Contact details within Nairobi, Kenya

various cab service companies and their contact details within nairobi kenya


Various Cab Service Companies and their Contact details within Nairobi, Kenya

Most towns in Kenya such as Nairobi have a lot of people and therefore most people who do not have their personal vehicles, are forced to use the various Matatus available in their way to and from work or school. These Matatus sometimes become limited and thereby making transportation of these people hard. On the other hand, these Matatus do not operate late at night and this lead to people from long distance travel getting stranded as they try to find transport to their various homes if they arrive to town late at night when there are no Matatus available.

This is the state and mission behind most of the Cab Services available in Nairobi. They try to help in transportation if the Matatus are not available or are limited. They operate 24 hours hence covering even the late night travelers. The Cab Service providers are always available and can be contacted by anyone needing their service any time. These Cab Services Companies have been developed to ensure they have many vehicles as possible thereby making their business convenient and their services efficient. Cabs operating within Nairobi are numerous and all of them try to provide the best services they can to outdo their competitors in this area of business.

Cab operators and their contacts:

Delight Cabs Ltd – this is a Cabs ltd which is personalized to offer services such as car hire and taxi services in 24-hours to individuals or companies and corporates. The company has an online booking service in which their customers can book a cab online. Their vehicles are fitted with GPS satellite which assure safety and comfort to their customers in that if a car develop any mechanical problem, the company will send a replacement right away to the breaking-down car as the location is easily established. The contacts of this company are; 2nd Floor, Burkley House along Baricho road, Nairobi. Mobile: +254 722 104 242, Tel: +254 20 230 5697 or email [email protected] and through their website www.delightcabs.co.ke.

Universal Cabs Ltd – this is an established taxi company operating 24 hour taxi service. It offers services to both corporate and individual clients. Its operates a computer dispatch system and GPS which enable cabs to be tracked in case of emergency. This is one of the most reputable Nairobi Taxi cabs travel Companies. They can be reached by either visiting their head office in Nairobi at 3rd floor of Pride Towers, Woodvale Grove, Westlands, by Telephone +254 20 444095, Fax +254 20 4452708, Mobile +254 723837891, email [email protected], [email protected] or by their website www.universalcabs.co.ke

Jimcab Kenya Ltd – this is another best known Cab services company established in the year 2000. They offer their services such as car hire, taxi services to individuals and corporates. This is the commonly Cab company used by the Jomo Kenyatta Airport to provide taxi services to their passengers. They can be contacted by Telephone at +254 20 714246/7122565/7120344, Mobile at +254 722711001/722714246/733735499, by Fax at +254 20 7122565 or by their website www.jimcab.co.ke.

Wonderview Taxis Ltd – this company has been in the business since 1997 as it offer most of the best services due to the experience they have from all those years they have interacted with the customers. It is a developed company with a fleet of over 20 well-serviced vehicles. They offer services such as airport transfers, town services, hotel and conference transfers, door to door services and corporate errand. The company uses GPS tracking system and 24 hour two-way communication radio system to ease communication. Contacts of this company are through Telephone at +254 733 678953, +254 722787001, email at [email protected] or through their website www.wonderview.co.ke.

Jatco Taxis and Tours Ltd – a big Nairobi taxi cabs travel company in the city providing 24 hour taxi services to all their customers. The company operate a 24 hour Radio linked service between its fleet and head office to ensure fast replacement in case of emergency and for good and easy communication. Their services include private contract, airport drop and pickup service, corporate accounts and guided tours. Contacts of Jatco Taxis and Tours Ltd: Head Office at 3rd Floor, Westlands Arcade, Woodvile Road or by Telephone at +254 24446096/4448162/4446096, through Mobile at +254 722648383/733 701494 or by Fax at +254 2 4446096 and through their email at [email protected], [email protected] and website at www.jatco.com.





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