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UNIPESA Bill Payment System Services available in Kenya

unipesa bill payment system services available in kenya


Kenya has been one of the African countries to be advanced in almost all sectors of the economy. Through the advancement in technology, many beneficial services have been introduced in Kenya and cannot be found in any other Africa country. For instance, Kenya is the main discoverers of mobile banking and mobile fund transfer services such as M-PESA, Orange Money, Yu cash and many more mobile banking services.

On the hand, Kenyans have a lot of utility bills to pay periodically and this has been a major challenge since they have to flock in banks to be able to pay the utility bills on time before the services they use is terminated. The bills may involve electricity bills, Satellite television bills, and many more. However, due to introduction of modern technology, a utility payment system have been introduced to ensure that the challenge and stressful queues in banks and payment points have greatly reduced by enabling the customers of the various services to pay their bills at the comfort of their mobile phones or specific location where there are no stressful queues.

UNIPESA is a utility payment system that is aimed at making the world a more vivid, comfortable and place to live by providing easier payment services on any type of utility bill at hand in a personalized and user-friendly interface saving Kenyans their precious time.

How to pay with UNIPESA

UNIPESA payment system is a PIN-less payment service as well as an airtime top up service which do not scratch cards or dialing 12 random digits to a phone anymore. UNIPESA works very efficiently, easily and fast and they have self-service payment terminals. For payment in a self-service terminal, the customer needs to choose their service provider where the bills should be paid and include KPLC, Startimes and many more service providers displayed in the terminal then insert their phone or contact number and ensure that the correct contact number have been entered correctly in the terminal. After the confirmation, insert the bank notes to the money acceptor carefully one by one and push the pay button. You will receive a receipt as well as confirmation SMS about the payment done.

Payment services

UNIPESA payment system makes possible for the customer to make instant payments for Mobile Services, Internet Providers, Satellite TV and other similar services. It enable the users to purchase airtime from mobile operators such as Airtel, Orange and Yu right away at modern UNIPESA self-service payment terminals for prepaid users. UNIPESA services are also available to businesses, landlords and advertisers which accept payments from individual since they have powerful processing center which allows you to maintain stable operation during peak loads, good opportunity to reduce costs for their own sales network deployment and fast connection. For their best accessibility of their services, they have ensured that their terminals are placed in the most popular shopping centers and office buildings.

Airtime Top- Up services procedure

As mentioned earlier, UNIPESA also supports the airtime top-up services where no scratch cards are needed. In this service, the users use the UNIPESA terminal but selects the top-up option. After that, the user should choose the network service provider displayed in the terminal followed by the phone number to be topped-up with the airtime. Enter the amount to be topped-up one note after the other and then press the pay button. A receipt will be printed and the phone number receive a confirmation SMS along credited with the top-up amount.

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