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The Procedure of Acquiring a Passport in Kenya

the procedure of acquiring a passport in kenya



The procedure of acquiring a passport in Kenya is done by the Kenya immigration department. For the process not to be tedious, one needs to follow the rules and procedures and meet the requirement for applying a Kenyan passport. For it to be easier in meeting the procedures and requirement one need to apply for his or her passport at least 30 days before planning to travel

Passport is necessary for citizens to travel outside Kenya. Furthermore, Kenyan citizens wishing to travel within East African countries can apply for an East African Passport or a temporary passport.

Applying for a passport in Kenya one requires first a completely filled passport application form which is to be downloaded in the Kenya immigration website this include filling in your names identification number etc .Also one requires national identity card and birth certificate both original and copies One may also present a certificate of naturalization or registration and furthermore a certificate of renunciation of former citizenship, thirdly one have to present three passport size photographs. However for minor applicants, that is, applicants who are below the age of eighteen years, a written consent of the parents or legal guardian’s must be presented, also for those who are adopted, the original adoption certificate, children’s department clearance letter/form, and or, the Court ruling or award must be presented for adopted applicants. Lastly a certified ID copy of the person recommending the applicant must be presented. The person recommending the applicant must not be an immediate relative. Those applicant who are married must produce a marriage certificate or evidence of the same capacity also the application must be recommended by either a minister of religion, a medical or legal practitioner, an established civil servant or bank official who must be a Kenyan citizen and personally acquainted with the applicant.

The photographs for passport must be taken full face and must not be mounted. The photographs size must not be less than 2 inches by 1½ inches and must not be more than 2½ inches by 2 inches which should be three in number and be printed on a normal photographic thin paper which must not be grazed on the reverse side.

Those applying for the passports should submit the applications to the passport control offices in Nairobi at Nyayo house Ground floor {North Wing}, Mombasa at PC’s office Building, Kisumu at New Provincial Headquarters, Eldoret at Public works building, Embu, Nakuru and Kenya Embassy, Washington D.C: 2249 R Street,N.W.Washinton D.C 20008 U.S.A

The passport fees are as follows: Kshs 4500 for 32 pages-A series, Kshs 6000 for 48pages-B series and Kshs 7500 for 64 pages-C series

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