The Popular Optical Shops In Nairobi, Kenya

by admin  - April 12, 2022

Most of us in Kenya have suffered red or itchy eyes at one point in life. With the wind and dust menace facing our city of Nairobi, our eyes are bound to react at some point. There are even some of us who face other visual conditions such as myopia otherwise known as short sightedness and hypermetropia also known as long sightedness. Short sightedness in Kenya refers to the visual condition where you cannot fully focus on objects far away while long sightedness in Kenya refers to the condition where you have a hard time focusing on objects that are close to you. These two conditions are dependent on where the image is replicated in your eye, either before or after the retina.

It is likely that if you suffer from any of these conditions in Kenya, the ophthalmologist will suggest that you wear corrective lenses for your disorder. You could also opt to wear contact lenses to correct your sight. Eye glasses in Kenya are sometimes recommended for people who have high reactions to either wind or dust. There are also some special eyeglasses in Kenya that contain photo chromatic lenses that regulate on the amount of light that gets to your eyes.

Finding a worth the while optician in Nairobi is a herculean task. Most of the opticians all over the city of Nairobi are quacks looking to get easy money and of course worsen your eye condition. It is vital that you identify an experienced optician to help you find the corrective lenses best suited for your condition. Some people even additionally suffer astigmatism in Kenya which means that the cornea is somewhat irregularly shaped and this needs keen prowess to rectify.

Some of the most popular optical shops in Nairobi are:

a)    Optica in Nairobi

Optica is a chain of optical shops found in most major towns in Kenya. In Nairobi, Optica is located along Moi Avenue. The chain of shops began in the late 1950’s in Kenya and has over time spread to become the most popular optical shop in Kenya.

b)    Baus Opticals in Nairobi

Baus Opticals is an optical company locally registered in Kenya   for the last ten or so years. There are at least 5 Baus Optical shops in the CBD of Nairobi. There are 2 shops along Mama Ngina drive, 1 along Tom Mboya Street, 1 in Bruce House along Standard Street and the 5th one in Nginyo Towers along Koinange Street in Nairobi.

c)    Cambridge Opticians

Cambridge Opticians is one of the oldest optical practices in Kenya, established in the late 1960’s. It was formerly popularly known as M.J Legg Opticians and is located in K.C.S House along Mama Ngina Drive in Nairobi.

There are just a few optical shops found in the city of Nairobi. Go have that vision rectified!

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