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The Options Kenyans Have In Choosing Digital Boxes To Buy In Kenya

the options kenyans have in choosing digital boxes to buy in kenya


Kenya is in the process of migrating from analogue to digital signals for viewing or listening to content. In order for television viewers in Kenya to receive digital signals, one will require appropriate receiving equipment. The equipment referred to as digital boxes in Kenya, vary depending on a person’s preference. There are those digital boxes in Kenya that are inbuilt on digital television sets in Kenya, free to air (FTA) decoders in Kenya and those digital boxes that require subscriptions in Kenya.

The free to air set boxes buying price in Kenya ranges from Ksh 3,500 for Holy Box HW7900 DVB T2 Set Top Box in Kenya to Ksh 16,200 for EUROMAX-DVB-2221 DVB-T2 Set Top Box in Kenya. The prices  of digital boxes in Kenya are dependent on features and the distributor of the digital box in Kenya. The authorized vendors of digital boxes in Kenya can be found here: http://digitalkenya.go.ke/list-of-type-approved-dvb-t2-set-top-boxes-and-authorised-vendors.

In addition to the FTA boxes in Kenya, there are Pay TV Set Top Boxes in Kenya which give one access to television content in Kenya after payment of subscription or a monthly fee. These digital boxes in Kenya also give the option of free to air channels (there’s debate on whether the channels are really free). The major Pay TV Set Top Boxes providers in Kenya are GOtv – Multichoice (K) Limited company (More info about Gotv in Kenya can be found on the GOtv website at www.gotvafrica.com ) and Star times company in Kenya ( Star Times website in Kenya is http://www.startimes.co.ke/ ). GOtv digital boxes in Kenya go for Ksh 3,399 for the digital box plus the monthly subscription fees.

Another option open to Kenyan television viewers are television sets with an inbuilt DVB-T2 tuner in Kenya. The brands of televisions that support inbuilt DVB-T2 tuner in Kenya are: Sony Bravia televisions, Samsung televisions and LG televisions in Kenya. The prices of televisions with inbuilt DVB-T2 tuner in Kenya for a 32 inch range from Ksh: 56,995 (Sony television in Kenya), Ksh 50,100 (LG television set in Kenya) and Ksh 59,995 to even millions for huge Sony screens in Kenya

Before settling on any of the above options, one needs to do a comparison of the digital boxes services offered in Kenya, Price of digital boxes in Kenya (initial and monthly charges), Channels availed by digital boxes in Kenya (Banquettes and open), After sale service of the digital company in Kenya, ease of installation and picture quality of the digital boxes in Kenya, Requirements of an external antenna for the digital box in Kenya which is sold separately, Payment options for the digital box in Kenya in terms of : Mpesa, Airtel, Posta pay, banks etc. and locations of the digital box seller offices in Kenya and other outlets e.g. supermarkets in Kenya.

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