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The Most Popular Water and Sanitation Services boards in Kenya

the most popular water and sanitation services boards in kenya


Water in Kenya is majorly one of the essential commodities that is required for the smooth operations of day-to-day activities. Life can therefore be impossible without water and in fact clean water. Clean water is somehow not available in the local areas and through this therefore, they tend to use water from rivers which could be seasonal and thereby contaminated. Contaminated water eventually diseases which could be prevented by use of clean water.

Kenya through the ministry of water and sanitation has therefore established services boards which ensure that the people regardless of their areas have access to clean and safe water. These services boards each have headquarters and facilities which enable them to offer the best services as far as water and sanitation is concerned. The boards are developed in various areas but they ensure that they cover all areas in the country. The most common water services boards in Kenya which are highly developed and ensure that they serve the people to the fullest are;

First and foremost, Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB) is one of the boards in Kenya which aims at achieving excellence in the provision of quality water and sanitation services. They ensure that they provide efficient, adequate, sustainable and affordable water supply and sanitation services to all of the people in their coverage through continuous improvement and expansion. This service board ensure efficient utility management and economic utilization of available water, improve service delivery in order to enhance customers’ satisfaction as well as minimize conflict and disputes among the water users.

Secondly, Lake Victoria North Water Services board is yet another water service board that ensure that the people access the best quality and clean water that will not lead to diseases. This board ensure sustainable provision of adequate, quality and affordable water and sanitation services to the people. They provide laboratory services for testing of water from surrounding lakes, rivers for contamination and treatment for better sanitation.

Thirdly, the Northern Water Services Board was also created to ensure availability of sufficient potable water and sanitation services for the people of the region through their agents as the water services providers. This board is one of the largest with coverage of the north eastern semi-arid region of Isiolo, Laikipia, Garissa, Mandera, Marsabit, Samburu and Wajir. The North Water Services Board commits itself to provide efficient and economic water and sanitation services to the communities under their jurisdiction.

Fourthly, the Coast Water Services Board is a services board for water and sanitation based in the coast of Kenya and they also have goals and objectives in the provision of water and sanitation services to the coast people. They ensure provision of efficient, sustainable and affordable water and sanitation services through asset development and by contracting or registering companies to help in the provision of clean water to the people under their coverage and aims at providing adequate world class water and sanitation services to the residents at the coast.

Fifthly, Tana Water Services Board is another service board that covers the areas of Nyeri, Murang’a, Kirinyaga, Embu, Tharaka-Nithi and Meru. This board works towards increasing access to safe, adequate and sustainable water and sewerage services to both the rural and urban populations. This water service board ensure that the people can be able to access clean water at affordable prices in the nearby areas without having to travel far for water.

Lastly, the common water services board is the Athi Water services which ensure that it brings about efficient, economy and sustainability in the provision of water and sewerage services in Kenya. This board is the largest water services board in Kenya as it covers the eastern and some portions of the central areas. They provide the best sanitation services since they have the necessary experience as it is one of the ancient board to be developed in Kenya.



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