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The most Popular Plastic Products and Plastic Packages Manufacturers in Kenya

the most popular plastic products and plastic packages manufacturers in kenya


Households in Kenya generally use plastic products. The major household equipment include the general utensils such as plastic cups, plates and many more. The other equipment include basins, baskets, buckets and others which are made of plastic. All these products are manufactured in various industries which then supply these products through the Kenyan market.

These companies and manufacturers ensure that they produce quality products to their customers. Below are the major plastic manufacturers in Kenya;

Kenpoly Manufacturers limited

This is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products in Kenya. The most products that the company produce include household items such as plastic chairs, cups, mugs, jugs, buckets and basins, industrial, horticultural and packaging products. Their products are of the best quality and they use the molding techniques to produce the plastic products. This manufacturing company also export their products to East Africa Markets as well as to Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

Complast Industries Limited

They produce the most and high standard plastic furniture as they were the first company to use the molding technique and thus they have the necessary experience for the production. Apart from their common plastic furniture, they also produce plastic household items such as buckets, basins, crates and general purpose bins. They are also one of the manufacturing industries whose products are fairly priced and effectively delivered to their customers.

NAS plastics 

Located in Nairobi’s industrial area and their core business is the manufacture of plastic products with their main produce being the engineering automotive battery casing and airline cutlery which are produced from the injection molding technique. This company is the only plastic company in Kenya that produce the engineering plastic products. Other of its products include small combined set opened, Punnet, Medium basins and continental with creamers.

Techpak Industries Limited 

This manufacturing industry is leading in the manufacture of high quality plastic packaging, disposable products and food service products in Kenya. The major products that they offer include Punnets and trays, Packaging cups, disposable glasses, cups and plates, bowls and cutlery, multi-purpose containers and celebration range. This manufacturing industry is the leading manufacturer of disposable plastic products and has been identified and considered for supply to major corporations and industries such as the horticultural, food processing and supermarkets. For instance, this manufacturing industry supply their products to Sasini Tea, Nakumatt, Airkenya and many more companies.

General Plastic Limited 

Offer the plastic manufacturing and supply services to Kenyan market. They deliver innovative cutting-edge plastic packaging solutions to its customers. Their products range from Preforms, Pet jars, Bottles, Containers, Labels, Caps/Closures and much more. This manufacturing industry has most of the professional, skilled and experienced staff which ensure high quality products and offer inspired designs, great customer services and flexibility, and the ability to deliver on time with affordable prices.

General Industries Limited 

This is the leading Kenyan company that specializes in the manufacture of plastic pipes in form of PVCs, drainage pipes, waste pipes, conduit pipes, PPR pipes as well as HDPE pipes. This manufacturing company ensure that the products are of high quality as they have the most modern molding machines and a fully installed computerized state-of-art laboratory which provides quality assurance data report enabling the industry to known their progress in their quality standards.

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