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The best shops for repair and maintenance of LG products in Kenya

the best shops for repair and maintenance of lg products in kenya


Kenyans are among the best people who like to trend and to have the latest commodities in the market. It is not funny to see the launch of a new gadget or electronic today and the following day, most of Kenyans have the gadgets and electronics at hand. These gadgets can be the latest mobile phones, tablets, laptops or electronics such as Television sets, fridges, microwaves and water dispensers. There are companies therefore which take advantage of this Kenyan behaviours and ensure that they launch new products periodically. The most common companies include Samsung, LG, Nokia and the rest.

LG been one the most popular companies that provide super gadgets ensure that they also present their customers with service centres to ensure that if the electronic or gadgets become faulty, they can be able to be repaired conveniently and easily. LG electronics therefore have set shops and services centres in Kenya for the services required by the customers. The service centres and shop which offer the best services in Kenya include;

Hotpoint appliances Ltd is one of the LG service Centre with the aim of reaching out to the LG electronics consumers country wide. It is located in Westlands, Falcon Road Landimawe. They have a strong team of qualified and experienced technicians who handle all the LG products repair and Maintenance. They ensure that the services are offered fast and conveniently. Apart from services and repair, they also sell parts/spares and transport and free deliveries of any device bought or ordered by the customers. They can be contacted through +254 734 333026 or +254 722 204947 or email at [email protected]

Ngong Road LG service Centre is another service Centre that is located in the Ngong Road at the junction of valley Road. This is a service Centre which enable the residents from within the area to get the service of their LG electronics. This center rank the services based on the appliances and ensure accuracy and diligence in their work. To acquire their services, you can visit their service shop at Ngong road or contact them through Telephone +254 800 545 454

LG electronics also have another Service Center in the Piedmont Plaza which is yet along Ngong road and just few yards from Junction Mall opposite the Kenya Science Teachers College. Besides the services of repair and maintenance of the LG appliances this shop also have sales of the most modern gadgets and appliances. For instance, they sell 3D TVs, full touch Screen complete with own app and internet enabled, Optimus mobile phones and much more modern appliances.

They also have a LG service Centre in Sarit Centre in the Tenants Car Park, Lower Kabete. This is a shop which offer repair services to any LG equipment and maintenance. They are stocked with the latest in the gadgets and equipment and supplies. They can be contacted through Telephone +254 734 333030, +254 203 751 194. They therefore ensure that the customers can access any services they need and that their LG equipment are well maintained as they offer maintenance advisory to any customers that pay them a visit.

Carlcare Services Centre is another LG center located in Luthuli Avenue in the popular Luthuli complex 2nd floor which offer all services concerned to any LG product that is presented by them by the users. They ensure that they repair them with the best of their ability. They ensure that the repair leaves the device operating better than they were. They also replace any part or accessory that it may have been damaged at a reasonable charge. They can be contacted through +254 754 400500 or +254 716 400500.


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