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The Best Shops for Phone Repair and Accessories in Nairobi, Kenya

the best shops for phone repair and accessories in nairobi kenya


The Best Shops for Phone Repair and Accessories in Nairobi, Kenya

Mobile phones in the present Kenya is one of the most essential commodities that people require to live a normal life. Technological advancements have made the mobile phones to be a device which can be used for different purposes apart from normal communication. For instance, the mobile phones can now be used to find direction through the Google Map app, find services around such as ATMs that the user need. This has therefore made people to view mobile phones as their life-leading device.

However, through the use of mobile phones, they often get damaged or may need upgrade. This makes the users to find for the repair of their mobile phones. This could be a challenge as finding a good mobile repairer could be very hard. Most of them may even damage the device more instead of fixing it. Fortunately, there are major phone repair shops which the mobile phones users needing repair can visit and get their problematic devices fixed faster and effectively at again affordable prices. These shops in addition, sell the phone accessories such as mobile phones chargers, earphones and other accessories.

Best Shops offering phone repair services in Nairobi:

Celfixx –this is a company that offer repair services to any brand of phones. They have a team of repair technicians who are well trained and have been in the job for many years thereby have enough experience to handle any type of problem with a mobile phone. They fix any problem from audio related problem such as ringers, speakers or microphones to handset deemed “beyond economical repair” due to liquid damage or even totally dead units. Their shop is located in 18 Muthithi Road which is between Bishan Plaza and Occidental Plaza near Mpaka Road and Muthithi Road in Westlands Nairobi. They can also be contacted through the mobile phone number +254 750 200100 or +254 754 300100 for any enquires or for further details.

Corporate Technologies – this is a phone repairing service provider that majorly deal with smartphones. They offer services such as replacement of LCD screens, touch screens, earpiece, mouthpiece, faulty charging ports as well as liquid damaged cleaning. Also through their website at www.cptech.co.ke, they provide the service known as ‘Do It Yourself’ where they direct the users on how to handle common phone problems. They also sell accessories, software upgrade and train individuals on how best to utilize their devices. Their shop is located in Woodvale Place, Woodvale Groove Westlands where they are opened from Monday to Saturday but they can be contacted through +254 702 728213 or +254 735 197184.

Mobifixx – this is another phone repair shop in Nairobi which can provide the best services on your mobile phone. They can be able to replace the smashed screen of your smartphone and do it well to ensure that it works perfectly even before the crash. Other services they offer in regards to repair include fixing faulty charging ports, on/off button problems, LCD screen replacement and they handle all phone brands such as Blackberry, IPhone, Nokia, Samsung and all the other brands. They are situated in Diamond Plaza Mall in Parklands. However, they offer services at your home and they can visit your home to repair your phone by calling them at +254 715 321999.

Smartcell Technologies is another popular repair shop that specialize in the sale of HTC smartphones, tablets and accessories. In connection to that, they also offer repair services to other brands of smartphones with competitive and affordable prices. Their services are of high quality and they ensure that their customers get the best from their smartphones. They are situated in Eagle House in Kimathi Street opposite the Corner House in Nairobi CBD and are open from Monday to Saturday. They also can be contacted to offer their services to you through +254 722 174372, +254 721 239524 or by email at [email protected]


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