The Best Children Home In Kenya

the best children home in kenya


Kenya as a country has a large population and as a matter of fact, many people are unemployed especially the youths. On the other hand, poverty has led the unemployed to find sources of income which could be the dangerous and disastrous to their health and well-being. Many youths especially women has resorted to prostitution in order to cater for different needs that they may have. This has therefore led to unwanted pregnancies as well as diseases.

In the area of unwanted pregnancies, the women therefore since they are unable to support and bring up the children they got unexpected, they tend to leave them on the streets who end up to be street children or commonly known as the “Chokora”. However the bright parents who know that children have rights and need care which at the moment they cannot grant them, they find the best Children’s homes available and give away their children so that they can be taken care and provided by all the necessities of life. The children’s homes in Kenya ensure that the children access education, food, good health services among other basic needs.

The most popular Children’s home in Kenya recognized for the high standards of services are;

Dream Children’s Home

This is one of the children’s home in Kenya which was established by a family to provide care and support to the orphans and less fortunate children in the streets. They provide care and support to restore hope and provide basic needs as they rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through education, medical care, building of their self-esteem and social living skills. They equip the children with psychosocial skills that will enable them live responsibly in the community. For access of their services, they can be contacted through Telephone +254 720 841175/+254722 327 882 or email at [email protected] or [email protected] as well as visiting them countryside in Matasia Town.

Nyumbani children’s Home

This a large facility for provision of child care and they mostly welcome orphans who are HIV positive. These children are given the best medical, nutritional, academic and holistic care possible until they become self-reliant. Other services that are offered by Nyumbani Children’s Home are Shelter, Medical care, psychosocial support, Education through Sponsorship for elementary, middle, high school and college studies. They also ensure that they trace the families and link the young adults to the community through reintegration programs.

Rehema Home

This children’s home welcome all the children who do not have any other people for care and love. They welcome and provide care and support to the abandoned, abused, sick or dying children and ensure that they find new life in this home. They main aim of setting this Children’ home was to ensure that the children are able to access good health facilities for any diseases, shelter, education in all levels as well as social support. For more details or access of their services, they can be contacted through email at [email protected]

New Life Home Trust

This is a unique children home which rescue babies, take them for care and through their programmes ensure that they are safe and can begin a new life from their previous one. They are committed to seeking long term education and feeding solutions through its schools and centers. They have different programmes among which the children Education Sponsorship is the Major programme where the children after attaining learning age are sponsored to access the best quality education and to the needy in both rural and urban centres. They can be contacted through Telephone +254 20 2362903, +254 20 236 2904 or Mobile +254 722 406064, +254 733 221176 or email at [email protected]


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