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  • The best Centre for care and treatment of cancer in Kenya: Cancer Care Kenya

The best Centre for care and treatment of cancer in Kenya: Cancer Care Kenya

the best centre for care and treatment of cancer in kenya cancer care kenya


Hospitals have been established to provide a lot of services to the people of Kenya. These hospitals ensure that the people are better cared for and treated for their various diseases diagnosed in their bodies. Many people suffer from different diseases and therefore those hospitals have variety of departments to offer the different services required by the patients. Cancer is one of the leading diseases that is dangerous and therefore the patients need a lot of care for the treatment. Cancer Care Kenya is a center that was established purely to deal with the cancer patients in the diagnosis, care, treatment and advice giving on how to prevent the disease from spreading into the patients’ bodies.

Cancer is a general term for the abnormal cell division without control. Cancer can also be viewed as the abnormal growth of cells which have the ability to spread to other body parts. Cancer in its development stage has various stages and this will largely depend on the type of cancer. Many type of cancer have four stages of development and they have different signs and characteristics.

Cancer care Kenya therefore ensure that the patients are better cared for in the ailment. This center is located in Nairobi M.P shah hospital and they offer state-or-the-heart diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative care facilities in a one-stop medical center, and serve a lot of patients annually. They have two linear accelerators equipped with micro MLC technology which reduces the errors by intrinsic complexity.

They ensure that they provide world class treatment and care and compassion. They strive for professional excellence and innovation in all they do and make sure that they are guided by their primary goal of satisfying their patients. The patients’ services they offer are provided by a team of experts and offer comprehensive cancer treatment through radiation, surgical, medical palliative oncology services and much more.

The cancer support group operating in the same center offer complimentary therapies, support groups for patients and also involved in the awareness programmes. Other special capabilities include Siemens Linear Accelerators dual energy photon and a range of electron beam, simulators topometric devices for pre-radiation preparation of the patients to ensure accuracy, 3D computerized Prosoma oncology system for precise localization of tumor as well as custom block fabrication to project health issues and organs by using the custom made devices.

As a center of cancer care and treatment, this center offer different methods of treatment. The diagnosis and management of cancer is a complex process requiring the expertise of many highly trained individuals. In treatment therefore, medical oncology which involve treatment with drugs, surgical oncology involving treatment with surgery as well as radiation oncology which involve treatment with radiation all require a group of experts in the field of cancer which the cancer care Kenya have in large numbers. The different methods and procedures used with the treatment of cancer involves chemotherapy which make the patients use certain drugs to kill the cancer cells hence minimizing the negative effect on normal healthy cells and radiotherapy which is the use of radiation energy.

Cancer care Kenya can therefore be contacted for enquiries or further explanation through the telephone numbers +254 20 3740132 or through cell +254 727 844882, +254 737 844 882 or through email [email protected]. Their offices are opened daily from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm

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