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Services Provided In Sarit Center Shopping Mall In Westlands Part Of Nairobi In Kenya

services provided in sarit center shopping mall in westlands part of nairobi in kenya


Kenya, among other developing countries in Africa, has been involved in economic developments with the intention of increasing its economic rate by at least double digits. One of the government of Kenya’s efforts is encouraging the Kenyan citizen to involve themselves in economic investments that can spur the Kenyan economy to grow. With emergence of many shopping malls in Kenya, it is clear that many local and foreign investors in Kenya have  had a wealthy return on the shopping malls business in Kenya.

The Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi is one of the largest shopping malls in East Africa and first ever enclosed shopping mall in Kenya. Sarit Center shopping mall in Kenya has a modern inter-active shopping mall in Nairobi that has four levels of retail and service outlets, two tower office blocks, a health facility within the Sarit Center shopping mall run by the Africa Air rescue in Kenya with private doctor rooms. Sarit center in Nairobi is designed to meet the requirements of residents of Nairobi and business people who want to avoid the crowed Nairobi CBD. The Sarit Center shopping mall in Kenya provides a huge range of products and services to Kenyans in a neat, enclosed environment where security is provided.

The Sarit Center shopping mall in Kenya mainly focuses on providing excellent world class customer service in Kenya through wide shopping malls, security and degree of entertainment that meets the needs and expectations of the most Nairobi residents. Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi has four floors which are fully stocked to serve its customer. The lower ground floor of Sarit Center shopping mall has the following shops; Dash interior limited in Sarit Center shopping mall, Mutts Timber and hard ware within Sarit Center shopping mall, Dixon Electronic limited in Sarit Center shopping mall, Barclays Bank sarit premier in Westlands, Life center in Sarit Center shopping mall, Safaricom customer care centre in Sarit Center shopping mall, Airtel Kenya customer care centre in Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi, Union forex Bureau, Nairobi Java House in Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi, life fitness store in Sarit Center shopping mall and many more stores.

The major shops which are found in the ground floor of Sarit Center shopping mall in Westlands are; Micro city limited, Jewelart, Text book center within Sarit Center shopping mall, Kenya commercial bank in Sarit Center shopping mall, Bata sarit Centre outlet in Nairobi, Orange shop in Sarit Center shopping mall in Westlands, Sarit video, Technical engineering, and The Nokia shop within Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi among others. First floor of Sarit Center shopping mall has the following major shops; 4u2, the woman shop, Manix clothing store, Vanela house of coffee within Sarit Center shopping mall, Swahili fried chicken, Chinese corner hotel within Sarit Center shopping mall , Cake city, Chicago Pizzas and men’s secrets. Second floor and the third floor of Sarit Center shopping mall are mainly dominated by company shops such as Tricons insurance brokers, wella center limited, wwics Africa, KCB cards center within Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi, beauty quest limited, ken pride limited, PFP financials and urbane limited among other companies found within Sarit Center shopping mall in Westlands. Lastly, the fouth floor of Sarit Center shopping mall is dominated by health facilities such as AAR health center in Sarit Centre, DR. B. H Pandit, DR. Miva Joshi and DR. R.B Barad.

The sarit center in Nairobi is located just off Waiyaki way, in the affluent of Westland’s of Nairobi. To get to Sarit Center shopping mall in Westlands from Nairobi city centre, you board matatu to Westlands from Khoja Round About stage in Nairobi. The Sarit Center shopping mall website is at www.saritcenter.com  and contacts are +254714606724. This Sarit Center shopping mall in Nairobi is opened from 7:00 am to 10:00pm daily. Welcome to a city within a city.

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