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Services Provided at Ardhi House

services provided at ardhi house


Everyone reaches a stage in life where the need and desire of owning property becomes a necessity. Ask any Kenyan man or woman and they will conform this. However the issue of owning and management is a serious sensitive matter especially with the ever rising issue of corruption cases and fake title deeds. To ensure that the land or property you want to invest in is really the one and it is really on offer one has to have a reliable source center to verify information. Ardhi House is a government corporation that falls under the ministry of lands commission of Kenya. Ardhi House is mandated with the responsibility of dealing with land issues in Kenya.

What services are offered at Ardhi House

As Ardhi House is authorized to deal with issues regarding land and property its mandate is wide. It includes application for an official search. This includes searching and ensuring that the said property or land is the one. The official search also confirms that the supposed land owner is the actual owner and the title plot number is indeed the one on offer. An application of the official title deed certificate application is also a service provided at Ardhi House. The application is done under the guidance of a lawyer who validates and confirms the authenticity of documents under the sales agreement between the seller and the buyer. Land rent queries are also addressed as a service provided at Ardhi House. Under land queries confirms the land rate dues especially if the land is on lease hold and when it is due. Finally valuation requisition for stamp duty is offered at Ardhi House. This is done by a government valuer as it mostly stands at 2% to 4% the cost of the land on offer. Ardhi House also issues new title deeds to new land owners.

Location and contact information of Ardhi House

Ardhi house is located along Ngong Avenue, community center near Milimani court. They can be contacted through their official postal address at PO. Box 30450-00100 Nairobi Kenya. Ardhi house can be contacted through their telephone numbers at Tel: 254-020-2718050 or fax number 254-020-2721248. Ardhi House also addresses issues online and can also be contacted through their official email address at [email protected]

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