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Services Offered By The Bontana Hotel In Nakuru Town, Kenya

services offered by the bontana hotel in nakuru town kenya


Bontana Hotel in Kenya is one of the classic hotels in Nakuru town in Kenya. Bontana Hotel in Kenya provides the best accommodation services in Nakuru town. Since Nakuru town in Rift Valley of Kenya and is growing at a faster rate, many people flow to Nakuru in need of various services. Nakuru town in Kenya is also a town that is surrounded by several scenic tourist attractions in Kenya because of its location within the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This has ensured that the Bontana Hotel provides accommodation in Nakuru to the many tourists visiting Nakuru to site see. The many tourist attraction scenes in Nakuru include Lake Nakuru in Kenya, Menengai Crater in Kenya, Hyrax Park in Nakuru, Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya among many others.

Location of Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town

Bontana Hotel is located at the centre of Nakuru central business district and is the best destination for tourists in Kenya and travelers in Kenya, who are coming to Nakuru town in Kenya for business or through travelling by passing via the Nakuru town. Bontana Hotel in Nakuru is an ideal place for those tourists visiting the famous tourist attraction sites in Nakuru such as visitors to Lake Nakuru and visitors to Menengai Crater in Nakuru. Those tourists travelling to Lake Bogoria in Kenya and Lake Baringo in Kenya can seek accommodation in Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town. Bontana Hotel in Nakuru is located along Tom Mboya Street in Nakuru town, and you can access the Bontana Hotel by walking a distance of 7 minutes from the Nakuru central business district. Bontana Hotel in Nairobi is 150 KM from the Nairobi city in Kenya- the capital city of the republic of Kenya.

Services available in Bontana Hotel in Nakuru

The services offered at Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town include bar services in Nakuru and Bontana restraunt services, accommodation rooms in Nakuru town, conference rooms in Nakuru and swimming pool in Bontana Hotel in Nakuru. The Bontana Hotel bars are classic and are opened from 5 PM. The Bontana restraunts in Nakuru is well structured from inside and suitable for all customers. Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town has high qualified chefs in Kenya who prepare delicious meals of all sorts. The Bontana restraunt is spacious. The Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town contains comfortable accommodation rooms in Kenya, which are arranged into singlerooms and twin rooms. Bontana Hotel accommodation in Nakuru also comprises of suites to cater for guests in Nakuru. The conference halls in Bontana Hotel in Nakuru are arranged with classic chairs and tables to enable conducive place for business meetings. The conference halls in Nakuru are large and well equipped to ensure comfortability for those who will be using it.

The form of payment that is commonly accepted in Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town in Kenya include Lipa Na Mpesa, Mpesa mode of payment, credit cards and cash which should be in Kenya shillings currency or US dollars.

For more inquires about the Bontana Hotel in Nakuru town in Kenya, you can contact the management personnel of Bontana Hotel at their website www.bontanahotel.co.ke or call the Bontana Hotel in Kenya on +25420 260 8702 or +254724775027.

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