Services Offered By Easy Coach Bus Service In Kenya And Location Of Easy Coach Offices In Nairobi

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In Kenya, traveling especially for long distances can be a challenge to many people. Travelling in Kenya involves a lot of processes, more specifically if you are travelling with luggage and other materials. You have to look for a good transportation means in Kenya to ensure that your luggage is secure and reach the destination without any damage or loss. For example, businesspeople usually have to look for a means which they are sure won’t let them down in the process of travelling with their business materials, and this can be very hard mostly in Kenya. With Easy Coach buses in Kenya, you can get the travelling services in Kenya which are more confidential and secure.

Easy Coach Services in Kenya

Easy Coach Company in Kenya has motto experience dignity, and therefore provides variety of travelling services to Kenyans and also to non- Kenyans. Easy Coach in Kenya is a bus service that provides the following services;

Easy Coach Long Distance traveling services in Kenya

Easy Coach is a bus service which offers long distance travelling in Kenya, transporting its passengers from one point to another. The Easy Coach buses in Kenya are well maintained to offer the best travel experience to the passengers and goods that are being transported by the passengers. The Easy Coach buses travel to cities and towns across Kenya such as Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyahururu, Kisumu, Mbale, Mumias, Busia, Kakamega, Majengo, and to cities and towns in East Africa such as Kampala in Uganda. The Easy Coach buses in Kenya have cheap charges and this depend with the distance of the towns in Kenya or Uganda.

For example, the Easy Coach buses in Kenya charge Ksh 1,450 to Kisumu town, Kakamega town, Mumias town, Mbale town and Majengo town in Kenya from Nairobi city. The Easy Coach buses in Kenya charge Ksh 2,500 from Nairobi city to Kampala in Uganda and Ksh 1,200 from Nairobi city to Nakuru town and Nyahururu town in Kenya. The better part of the Easy Coach bus service in Kenya is that, you can book Easy Coach buses online in Kenya and print a receipt that will be used to approve that you booked for an Easy Coach bus in advance. The online booking of Easy Coach buses services in Kenya is done through the Easy Coach website at .

Easy Coach Letter and Parcel services in Kenya

Easy coach Bus service in Kenya also can deliver letters and parcels from one town in Kenya to another. The Easy Coach parcel service in Kenya is more secure and effective compared to any other parcel service in Kenya. The Easy Coach Company in Kenya ensure that parcels sent through Easy Coach Offices in Kenya, are delivered to the correct people on which they were intended for and on punctual basis. The Easy Coach parcel delivery service in Kenya charge according to the weight of the parcel and distance. For instance, a 10 kg parcel to a town in Kenya like Kakamega town, Easy Coach Company can charge Ksh 200 to deliver. Easy Coach Company in Kenya will offer you the best services you require for your parcel with confidentiality, respect and effective.

Easy Coach Bus hire for Ceremonies service in Kenya

Easy coach Company in Kenya offers a service whereby you can hire Easy Coach buses in Kenya and hire Easy Coach drivers in Kenya to take you to a ceremony in your rural home. The  Ceremonies Easy Coach in Kenya cover include weddings in Kenya, burials in Kenya, Homes come together ceremonies in Kenya among other ceremonies. Easy Coach company in Kenya will lend you their buses according to the type of ceremony in Kenya you have and distance with the number of passengers you are planning to carry with their buses. For example, if you plan to carry 35 passengers and travel from Nairobi to Eldoret town in Kenya for a ceremony, then Easy Coach will charge the hiring of the Easy Coach Buses and drivers in Kenya a fee of Ksh 22,000.

Location of Easy Coach offices in Nairobi city, Kenya

Easy coach bus service in Kenya is a bus network in Kenya with links all over Kenya and East Africa, more specifically Uganda. Easy Coach Offices are located in all towns in Kenya and Uganda that Easy Coach buses travel to. The Easy Coach Company has offices in Kenya’s towns which include Kakamega town, Mumias town, Mbale town, Eldoret town, Naivasha town, Nakuru town, Kericho town, and Kisumu town. Easy Coach main office in Kenya, however, is located in Nairobi city. Easy Coach main office in Nairobi is at Haile Selassie Avenue, just next to Nairobi Railway station in Kenya. The Easy Coach services and offices in Nairobi can be found adjacent to Nairobi Aviation College in Kenya. Easy Coach Services in Kenya can be accessed on the Easy Coach website at  and can be contacted through the same website in the contact Easy Coach section at

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