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Services Found Within Sarit Centre Shopping Mall In Westlands Part Of Nairobi, Kenya

services found within sarit centre shopping mall in westlands part of nairobi kenya


Sarit Centre in Nairobi is the oldest shopping mall in Kenya located in the affluent Westlands suburbs. The Sarit Centre shopping mall in Nairobi was opened in 1983 and operated on a “city within a city” slogan. This meant that the Sarit Centre mall in Kenya was running on a concept of providing basically everything all under one roof. Sarit Centre in Nairobi explored possibilities of having entertainment sports, eateries, coffee joints as well as clothes shops in one business hub in the city. To get to Sarit Centre in Nairobi, Sarit centre is located near The Sankara and Text Book Centre, along Kabete Lower Road in Westlands. Sarit Centre is a walking distance from the Westlands Matatu Stage.

Sarit Centre is an effective and inter- active shopping mall in Kenya that offers a one-stop shopping experience. Sarit Centre in Nairobi is one of the largest shopping malls in Kenya, as well as the first enclosed shopping mall in East Africa. Sarit Center has a total area coverage of 500,000 square metres over six floors in Nairobi, Westlands. Sarit Center offers a diverse shopping experience juggled between offices and retail outlets in Nairobi. Some of the services than can be accessed in Sarit Center in Kenya are;

Supermarkets in Sarit Centre in Westlands: The Uchumi chain of stores in Nairobi is one of the anchor stores found in Sarit Centre. Uchumi supermarket is one of the oldest supermarkets in Kenya and it is found on the ground floor of the Sarit Centre mall.

Financial and Banking Services in Sarit Centre: There are over 3 different bank branches within Sarit Center in Nairobi, including I&M bank , Bank of Baroda as well as the Kenya Commercial Bank. There are at least 8 automated teller machines (ATM) of banks in Sarit Centre in Nairobi such as Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Equity Bank and the Kenya Cooperative Bank. There is also a forex bureau, The Union Forex Bureau in Nairobi that deals with the sale and purchase of all the major currencies in Sarit Centre. The forex bureau is found on the lower round floor at the Sarit Center in Westlands, Nairobi.

Cinemas in Sarit Centre: The Fox Cineplex cinema in Nairobi is located on the 2nd floor of the Sarit Centre Shopping Mall in Westlands. The Fox Cineplex cinema in Kenya can accommodate 300 persons at a sitting.

Eateries within Sarit Centre in Nairobi: There are many eateries within the Sarit Centre mall in Kenya such as Taste of Lebanon, Hot n corny, Juice it up, Nairobi Java House as well as Mama Mia to handle the hunger pangs during the shopping sprees in Kenya. These are some of the services found within the Sarit Centre shopping mall. Sarit Centre definitely gives a worth the while shopping encounter in Kenya.

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