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Services Available At Kakamega Provincial General Hospital In Kakamega Town, Kenya

services available at kakamega provincial general hospital in kakamega town kenya


Kakamega Provincial General Hospital is situated in Kakamega town. Kakamega town in Kenya is in Kakamega County, which is the second most populated county after Nairobi County in Kenya. Kakamega Provincial General Hospital in Kenya receives referrals from neighbouring counties in Kenya such as Vihiga County (Vihiga district hospital in Kenya), Bungoma County (Bungoma district hospital in Kenya) and various hospitals in Busia County in Kenya. The bed capacity of Kakamega Provincial General Hospital in Kenya is 448 bed and 80 cots.

Kakamega provincial hospital in Kenya is among the approved hospitals for practice of students pursuing medical courses in Kenya, and also the internship of medical students in Kenya who graduate from their respective courses.

The services offered at Kakamega Provincial General Hospital (PGH) in Kenya include maternal services in Kakamega- which is offered at antenatal, labor and postnatal ward, laboratory services in Kakamega (which includes urine analysis, blood grouping, stool analysis, blood chemistry, sputum study, pregnancy test and other studies and tests), pharmacy services in Kakamega PGH for both the out-patients and in-patients, and curatives in-patient services in Kakamega PGH for those who are admitted for further management.

The other services provided at the Kakamega PGH are Kakamega PGH comprehensive care center (CCC) services- where the management of people living with HIVAIDS in Kenya is taken into consideration. Antiretroviral drugs in Kakamega Hospital in Kenya are given from the Kakamega PGH CCC department, which also provides guiding and counseling for people with HIV/AIDS in Kenya who seek the service. All these services at PGH Kakamega hospital are provided according to departments. For instant the maternity unit in Kakamega hospital has antenatal, labor and postnatal ward. The pregnant women who have medical conditions are admitted to Kakamega PGH antenatal ward for management. PGH in Kakamega Labor ward deals with mother in labor and Kakamega hospital postnatal ward deals with the women who have delivered and those who have undergone caesarian section.

Kakamega hospital Maternal and child health unit (MCH)- which is near the main gate of Kakamega provincial general hospital in Kenya, serves people who seek out-patient curatives services, immunization for under five years children, family planning, and HIVAIDS guiding and counseling in Kakamega. The Kakamega MCH unit is divided into rooms to provide these services.

The medical and surgical wards in Kakamega Hospital are arranged from ward one to ward ten to cater for management of medical and surgical conditions of those patients who are admitted in Kakamega provincial general hospital for further management until they recover. Those patients admitted in these Kakamega PGH wards have different diseases such as diabetes, malaria, typhoid, fractures and wound cuts and many other medical and surgical conditions.

Kakamega provincial general hospital has three theatres in Kenya; Kakamega Hospital two main surgical theatres and one Kakamega Provincial Hospital maternity theatre. There is also an emergency department in Kakamega Hospital that deals with emergency medical conditions and is located near the Kakamega hospital radiological department- where X-rays and Ultrasounds are conducted.

To get Kakamega Hospital information, you can contact Kakamega General Hospital by using the address P.O Box 15-Kakamega, Kakamega PGH at email address [email protected]  or call the landline number  of Kakamega PGH Hospital 05030050 and phone number +254720295739.

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