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Servces Offered At Nomad Palace Hotel In Nairobi City, Kenya

servces offered at nomad palace hotel in nairobi city kenya


Many people like visiting Nairobi city in Kenya because it is the capital city of Kenya and all major Kenyan governmental offices are located in Nairobi. Nairobi city is the most populated city in Kenya due to the many industries located in Nairobi Industrial area. People migrate in large numbers from rural areas in Kenya to Nairobi in search of job opportunities in Kenya. There is a large number of people who travel to Nairobi for business purposes or tourism purposes in Kenya. The people traveling to Nairobi need accommodation in hotels and restaurants in Kenya. Nomad Palace hotel in Nairobi is one of the best hotels in Nairobi city which provides the best kind of accommodation in Nairobi, for business people and tourist who visit the capital city of Kenya.

The Nomad palace hotel in Kenya is located at the heart of Nairobi city. Nomad Palace hotel is found along Timboroa Street near Starehe Boys Centre in Nairobi. Nomad Palace Hotel in Nairobi is at the junction of General Waruinge Street and Timboroa Street. You can use the matatu to Eastleigh in Nairobi and alight before you get to Safaricom shop in Eastleigh part of Nairobi. Matatu to Eastleigh in Nairobi can be picked from the stage near Kenya National Archives in Nairobi and cost Ksh 20 to Ksh 50 depending on time. A taxi to Nomad Palace Hotel in Nairobi costs Kshs.20 to Kshs.30 from the Nairobi city CBD. Nomad Palace Hotel in Nairobi is located past Pumwani Maternity Hospital in Nairobi.

The services offered at Nomad Palace hotel in Nairobi city include accommodation and conference halls in Nairobi. Accommodation in Nairobi is available in Nomad Palace hotel 24 hours on daily basis. The rooms in Nomad Palace hotel are well varnished and the bathrooms are accessible to the rooms. Nomad Palace hotel has high speed wireless internet access in Kenya, which enables people inside rooms and even outside the rooms access the internet (Wi-Fi). The hotel rooms in Nairobi are equipped with LCD television which provides entertainment as a form of music. The bathrooms of Nomad Palace hotel in Nairobi have hair dryers.

The Nomad Palace restraunt in Nairobi is well equipped with highly qualified hotel personnel, who ensure that the guests who visit Nomad Palace hotel are served with delicious meals. The food prepared at the Nomad palace hotel in Nairobi city is also served to individuals in their rooms (room services) when requested by the guests.

The Nomad palace hotel in Nairobi has one big conference hall which is mainly used by business people for business meeting in Nairobi. Seminars in Kenya are also occasionally conducted at the Nomad Palace hotel in Nairobi. These conference hall services in Nomad Palace hotel also have wireless internet connection.

The other services available at the Nomad Palace hotel in Nairobi city in Kenya include laundry cleaning whereby the clothes of the guests are washed at affordable prices. The guests who have currencies from other countries can exchange to Kenyan shillings at the Nomad Palace hotel in Nairobi city in Kenya.

For booking hotel space in Nairobi or enquiries purposes, you can contact the management board of Nomad Palace restraunt at address P.O. Box 47346-00100 Nairobi. You can also contact Nomad Palace Hotel via telephone number +254 20 6768171 or the phone number +254728714084 and +254737379324.

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