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Security Services Offered By Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd

security services offered by kleen homes security services ltd


Kenya is one of Africa countries which have been challenged by the alarming rates of insecurity. This is majorly linked to the illegal militia group such as Al-shabaab from Somalia, Mungiki Sect, Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) and many more groups in Kenya and outside Kenya which attack Kenyans for various reasons. The insecurity has thereby seen a lot of people killed, injured and property destroyed and therefore every Kenyan have to take a step in the protection of their selves as well as for their loved ones.

Companies in Kenya were and are still been established that specialize in the provision of security to their clients and ensure that they are safe in their houses, work, church and anywhere else where they need protection. Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd is one of these companies that offer full security services to their clients.

Kleen Homes Security Services was established out of the pressing market needs for various security services that the company offers as a model security in response to growing need of specialized services and they are professional in their practice of ethical security and being fully committed to their customers’ needs. Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd has been offering services to many organizations and somehow in collaboration with essential management consultants to institutions such as Equatorial Commercial Bank Centre, AccessKenya Group, Brookside Dairy Ltd countrywide, Archdiocese Of Kisumu and many more institutions.

Kleen Homes Security Services been in the Security sector, it have the required experience that ensure they offer other specialized services. The services that this company offer include the installation and maintenance of C.C.T.V cameras as industrial plants may use them to observe parts of a process from a central control point as well in the use of monitoring of different grounds, emergency response services that involve the use of intruder detection systems which will alert the system instead of a break-in in a restricted area and the Executive Security Consultancy where the company apart from training the security personnel, they also offer Executive Security Consultation for any enquiries and use of the security systems in their presence.

Other services that the provide for their best of their ability may include training and provision of guards in residential, educational institutions, religious institutions as well as industrial areas for manning the areas, Alarms Back-up services for the protection and safety of all the areas under the coverage of the alarms systems, the setting up of Electric Fences to their interested clients and customers in any of the areas, Access Control in that their clients accessibility through their digital control of access points and the installation of the Fire Alarm and Equipment installation which will alert the systems of this security company in case of fire outbreak in the areas which the equipment are installed. This also goes hand in hand with Emergency Response in systems where the security guards respond immediately to any alerts that their systems detect any security irregularities in the areas that they installed their alert systems within their customers’ locality or area of business operation.

Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd are equipped with the best skilled and trained security personnel who ensure that their customers are well protected and served. For their mobility and response of alerts and alarm systems, they are equipped with a fleet of modern state of the arts vehicles that are custom built for their unique type of work making their guards respond in the quickest time possible to alarms and alerts raised.

For their new customers who would like their services and join their territory of security services, they can visit www.khss.co.ke/contactus and fill the online form for registration or through the same form, customers can enquire for the services or for assistance. They can also visit their head office at Devcon House, Mogadishu road or through Telephone +254 20 530347, +254 722 449296 or through email [email protected]

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