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Role Of The National Council Of Churches In Kenya

role of the national council of churches in kenya


The church in Kenya is helping a lot of people to live the kind of life that is expected of them. It has been noticed that the church is stepping up measures and helping the society in the following major ways that continually propel the society to greater levels in life.


It is of no doubt that the church is the main centre of counseling in the country. Many people having difficulties in life continually rush to the church to seek help and get saved from a particular issue that is constantly affecting them. It is encouraged for one to join others in going for counseling at the churches available n the country as the religious leaders are well trained on how to overcome various challenges facing them.


The church in Kenya helps in uniting the many number of citizens that are involved in continuous fighting each and every day of life. By helping one another to stay as brothers, the church plays a leading role in ensuring that the people in society have good relations and that no one will harm the other in the vent that conflicts tend to arise.


The programmes are meant to cater for the less privileged groups of society that have less access or often lack the basic essentials of life. The sets up institutions for such people so that anyone wishing to donate and help the group can simply visit and offer a word of hope to  the various affected people.


The church is helping to expand the education levels of the country by setting up more schools that can help the children in society be educated and join high jobs later in life. By encouraging people to go to school and even paying fees for them, the church comes out to be one of the greatest promoters of modern education.


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