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Programs Offered At Olives Rehabilitation Centre In Mombasa

programs offered at olives rehabilitation centre in mombasa


Olives Rehabilitation centre is based in Mombasa Kenya. It is a Christian based program whole programs are aimed at helping the children that are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and poor health due to poor diet and extreme poverty. The rehab achieves its objectives through resources mobilization, which are usually locally available to care for, educate and feed the targeted children in the community.

The rehab centre has really expanded after its establishment. It has a large staff that consists of volunteers, interns, college students and expertise which include those from Kenya and abroad. The rehab runs a number of programs which include:

Free medical camps.

These are run annually. The program mainly targets the urgent medical needs of the children and the community at large, the common ones being HIV testing and counseling.

Basic education for children

More than 250 have benefited from this program. The children are provided with stationery, school lunch, school uniform, textbooks and workbooks.

Nutrition Program

Under this program more than 270 children can access food five days a week. This program is run for nine months annually.

Waste management Program

Olives rehab center take responsibility of conserving the environment through creating awareness on importance of conservation of the environment. It also conducts clean-up campaigns in various communities.

The above programs are funded through donations from various well-wishers who hear about the rehab center, companies in Coastal region of Kenya and family care missions as well as volunteers.

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