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Professional Movers Companies In Kenya

professional movers companies in kenya


Kenyans loathe moving as it can be extremely hectic especially if one is ill prepared. The idea of moving in Kenya and adapting to a completely new territory where they must adapt to the surrounding is mostly frowned upon. As dreaded as that may seem, most people tend to think that the activity of moving in itself, especially here in Kenya plays a big role in how life will be at the new place. The main hurdle highlighted by Kenyans while moving is packing, which is extremely stressful. Most of the Kenyans imagine looking for boxes, packing, hiring a tiny pickup where they are to squeeze all their belongings in, make sure that nothing falls on the way as things are moved to the new house, unpack, find out most things are either broken, forgotten or stolen which makes many of them wish that things should magically move to the new house or that the difficulties associated with moving aren’t worth it hence quickly give up the idea moving all together. Hiring appropriate moveer companies in Kenya can make the moving process successful and less straining.

Movers Companies in Kenya

In recent years, entrepreneurs in Kenya have made moving easier as they have introduced moving services in Kenya that are tailored to a customers need in providing manpower, packing apparatus, and vehicles to move the customers belonging from one house to another. They include;

Prestige Movers in Kenya

Focused on giving a great worry free moving experience, prestige the movers in Kenya are sticklers for details. Usually conduct first is a pre-move survey which will determine the price of moving services in Kenya. Prestige Movers in Kenya come with clean lockable trucks, a plumber, packers, a carpenter and a supervisor. The Prestige Movers Company in Kenya provide packing materials like boxes, corrugated paper and padding materials which they will use to pack the customers belongings for easier transportation. Prestige movers in Kenya also provide other services like office relocation, contract deliveries within East African region, storage for office and furniture equipment in Kenya especially between moves and courier deliveries. One can get in contact with Prestige Moving Company in Kenya  through their official phone numbers landline;020 251 4090, and their mobile phone number; 0722 211 791 or visit the Prestige Movers offices in Nairobi on Golf Course Commercial Centre opposite General motors on Mombasa Road. To get to Prestige Movers in Nairobi along Mombasa Road form Nairobi, you board matatu to Mombasa Road picked opposite Kenya National Archives. The matautu to Prestige Movers in Kenya are matatu number 33 to Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

Cube Movers in Kenya

Aiming to be the leading movers company in Kenya, Cube Movers in Kenya have a policy of providing the best customer service hence ensuring that the move is without tears. The Cube Movers Company in Kenya focus on house relocation within Nairobi; they provide telephone and online evaluation of amount of packing to be done which is closely followed by a pre-survey of location to determine the cost. The Cube Movers in Kenya provide moving boxes, white paper, padding materials and wardrobe boxes. While moving they usually have on site a carpenter, packers and electricians who ensure the moving goes on without a hitch. Cube Movers Company in Nairobi can be contacted through the Cube Movers Company official email address at [email protected]  or through their phone number 0727 773 663 or visit the Cube Movers Company offices in Nairobi located at Elephant Soap house found along shimo la Tewa Road in Nairobi.

Ahadi Movers in Kenya

Ahadi Movers in Kenya was established In 2010. Ahadi Movers in Kenya is considered as one of the fastest growing professional movers in Kenya, providing safe, reliable and fast moving services in Kenya as you relax. Specializing in household and commercial move, Ahadi movers Company in Kenya have trained staff in carpentry, electrical and have who ensure the troubles of cleaning after the move are dealt with, they provide insurance for damaged goods in Kenya under their care due to negligence. Apart from providing moving services in Kenya of packing and moving,  Ahadi Movers in Kenya also unpack and arrange the house according to the customers’ instructions ensuring a stress free move. For more information visit the Ahadi Movers company website at www.ahadimovers.com  or make inquiries through the Ahadi Movers official email address at [email protected]  or contact them through their mobile phone number; 0737 645 381.

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