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Products Available At Mathai Supermarket In Nyeri Town In Kenya

products available at mathai supermarket in nyeri town in kenya


Mathai Supermarket in Kenya is one of the most popular supermarkets in Nyeri town in Kenya. Mathai Supermarket was the first supermarket to be started in Nyeri town in Kenya, and as such as gained popularity over the years for one stop shopping.

Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town is located along Gakere Road. Next to the Mathai Supermarket is a Bata Shoe outlet in Nyeri to the left and a boutique to the right. The Mathai Supermarket has undergone recent renovation to expand its space as well as to improve the overall outlook of Mathai Supermarket outlet in Nyeri.

Mathai Supermarket in Kenya opened its doors to the public in 2006 or thereabout. The Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town in Kenya has faithfully served its clientele with all sorts of goods. Mathai Supermarket in Kenya mainly stocks household appliances.

After the much needed renovation, Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town has now opened three floors.

The first floor of Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town is stocked with all eateries. You can find goods ranging from cooking flour to rice. You can also get cooking oil, many varieties of bread brands, biscuits, crisps, sweets sugar and other consumable goods in Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri.

The second floor of Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town is stocked with electrical appliances such as televisions, home theatres, fridges, gas cookers. On buying the electrical goods from Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri, the Mathai Supermarket attendants test it for you to ensure that the appliance is not faulty and is indeed efficient. All of the electrical appliances sold by Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri have a warranty ranging from six months to over two years depending on the appliance’s manufacturer and its monetary worth. The more expensive an appliance is, the longer the warranty period. This second floor of Nyeri town Mathai Supermarket is also stocked with kitchenware including plates, cups, cutlery and glasses. You can also get pans, sufurias, blenders and the like on the second floor of Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri.

The last floor of Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town has family clothing. You can access female, male and children wear in Mathai Supermarket along Gakere Road in Nyeri. The clothes sold by Mathai Supermarket are usually hanged for display. Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri has been fitted with dressing rooms where Nyeri shoppers can try on spotted clothes to ensure perfects fits before purchase. Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town also stocks innerwear for men, women and children. However, unlike other garments, innerwear is not returnable on purchase in Mathai Supermarket.

Mathai Supermarket in Nyeri town, after its revamping, opened up a fresh Mathai Supermarket food stall where they sell freshly made food in Nyeri town. The Mathai Supermarket sell all kinds of stew including beef, chicken and vegan, pizzas, French fries and burgers in Nyeri town. Mathai supermarket, with its stocks attracts many shoppers in Nyeri town and from other areas in Kenya.

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