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Products and Services offered by Waterways Africa in Kenya

products and services offered by waterways africa in kenya


Kenyans are among people in the world would like parties and holidays mostly when they are out of work. These have therefore made people to find best places to spend their weekends away from their homes. The best places that they can find best for the whole family are in recreational centres which basically have a swimming pool. Swimming pools provide the best pleasure and relaxation experience to almost every member of the society.

Institutions in Kenya have established swimming pools, Steam baths, Sauna and Spa to provide the services that are required by the people visiting these recreational facilities. Most hotels and restaurants have also introduced these essential services to their customers and ensure that their customers relax and enjoy their leisure time. In conjunction with that, for the maintenance of these facilities available in restaurant and recreational facilities, other firms which offer these services should be involved for their best conditions. Waterways Africa is one of the company in Kenya which ensure that the facilities are in the best conditions to continue offering the relaxation feel to the customers.

Waterways Africa is a firm in Kenya which is involved in the construction of Saunas, Fountains, Steambaths, Swimming Pools and Whirlpool/Spas. They ensure that they can be constructed under different designs to satisfy and meet the customers taste. They have the best personnel who have experience under this area. In their construction, the equipment they use are imported for the quality and for the different facilities, they use different equipment. For instance, they construct Saunas and Steambaths with equipment from Finland, Fountains are constructed using equipment from Germany, Swimming pools equipment are imported from Spain and South Africa while Whirlpool equipment are imported from USA.

Waterways Africa Products and Services

As a firm for construction and maintenance of the facilities, they have the best supervisors who ensure that the services are provided are of high standards. They offer fully integrated solutions from minor services such as Filter Media Charges and Steam Generators Decalcification to complete Pool Construction as effected. Their products include;

Swimming Pool services: they provide both the construction and maintenance of the swimming pools. Their maintenance services are among the best as they offer full range of pool chemicals, Testkits, all pool equipment (Pumps, filters, cleaning equipment lights and ladders), Solar Heating panels, and alternatives Water treatment options such as Ozonators, UV-Purifier and Salt Water chlorinates. Besides sales and Construction, specialists equipment and Circulation Mains installations are also done decided during the pool building process.

Spas/ Whirlpools services: in this product, they use the technique of hydrotherapy which use warm water to provide stress relief, rejuvenate muscles and joints or simply uplift spirits. With this technique, they ensure that their product satisfy the needs of the people interested in this facility.

Domestic Booster and Pressure Pumps installation: this firm offer the services of water booster and pressure pumps in the facilities that they provide. They have a full range of domestic boosters and submersible pressure shower pumps. The most popular known pumps are the monsoon and the shower mate range of pressure shower pumps. These pumps turns the basic shower experience into a thrilling power shower. They are fully automatic with integrate computerized switching and a reputation of excellence.

Domestic Water Purification: they also offer the services of water purification but with a modern way of doing it. They distribute and use the simple UV domestic water purification from Ace hygiene of India. They also ensure that they use this technique in the purification of the water available in the pools since this method is fast and efficient and ensure that the water is completely safe from disease causing microorganism.

For their services, they can be contacted through telephone +254 722 511438, +254 738 511438 or email [email protected]

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