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Orange Mobicom Shop In Karatina Town In Central Kenya

orange mobicom shop in karatina town in central kenya


Orange network in Kenya has successfully established the Orange services in rural towns of Kenya. Karatina Town is a rural town in Kenya that is located 2 hours away from Nairobi City of Kenya. To get to Karatina town in Kenya, you use the Thika Highway in Nairobi. Orange network in Kenya is becoming efficient and fast, not only in Nairobi and the Nairobi estates in Kenya, but also in rural areas of Kenya.

Orange services in Karatina town in Kenya are provided from an Orange shop in Karatina which is newly introduced. Orange Kenya has an Orange Mobicom shop in Karatina town, which serves as the Orange customer care offices in Karatina. For customers of Orange Network in Karatina and the surroundings can access Orange services such as Orange products in Kenya, Orange customer care services in Karatina, Orange internet bundles and many others. Some of the Orange products available in Karatina Orange Mobicom include; Orange modems, Orange phones and Orange lines, Orange airtime and many others.

Location of Karatina Orange Mobicom Shop in Kenya

Orange shop in Karatina town is located along the Nairobi Nyeri highway in Kenya. Orange Mobicom in Karatina town is located next to Equity Bank Karatina Branch and opposite Uchumi Supermarket Karatina Branch. Karatina Orange Mobicom shop in Kenya has welcoming customer care personnel who serve you diligently. In case you need the 3G Internet bundles of Orange Kenya, you can contact the Karatina Orange mobicom shop for the Orange services and advice.

You can locate Karatina Orange Mobicom outlet from Karatina main matatu stage in Kenya by walking towards Karatina open air market in Kenya. From the Karatina open air market, you can locate a way towards Karatina Starbucks Hotel to your right. The Karatina Orange Mobicom shop is located near the Starbucks Hotel in Karatina, and also near Ibis Hotel in Karatina.

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