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Most of the best Real Estate companies and Agencies in Kenya

most of the best real estate companies and agencies in kenya


Property in Kenya is at some point faced with the sell or rent properties. Most of the people who try to sell their property getting losses due to the method they use to sell these properties. There are various methods in which the sellers and buyers can use to sell or buy the properties they need. The properties involved in this sections are most of the valuable commodities such as houses, vehicles and so much more.

This therefore require a special company or person to act as the middlemen in linking the best buyer found to the seller of the property. There are companies which has been developed to offer the services of finding a buyer and linking them to the seller which will eventually be beneficial to the seller. Other services that they provide include taking the seller property and advertise it as their own and once they sell it, the seller is given the share of the money they have. They also can help a landlord rent their houses under the companies’ name. The companies will have a huge number of people in the rental houses making it advantageous to the landlords who would have not managed to get all the people at once.

The companies which offer these services and many more in Kenya have been able to set up well established systems in which they employ most of the experienced agents to undertake and provide the services on their behalf. The companies include;

Tysons limited is one of the companies in Kenya that offer the real estate services to the Kenyans. This company employ the most experiences agents in this field. The company services range in all real estate transaction and may include: – Valuation of land, buildings, plant, machinery and fittings to establish current values for open market, insurance, book and rental purposes, Property management of commercial, residential and industrial properties on the behalf of a broad based clients including individuals, companies and parastatals, as well as property sales/letting where their agencies market the property and initiate the sell or let of the property.

Lloyd Masika Ltd is another Property agents and valuers company in Kenya that ensure that your property is safe and beneficial to the seller once out in the market. It is a leading real estate management firm with an extensive profile of property management as well as valuation in Kenya. They deal with all clients ranging from individual to private companies as well government agencies, insurance companies and agro-based companies. Through their website at www.lloydmasika.co.ke, they advertise the current properties in which the interested clients can contact them and purchase the properties. The management services they offer include rent and services charge collection, preparation of budgets, issuance of monthly/quarterly/yearly statements of accounts and attending of tenants issues on behalf of their clients.

Real estate Kenya is yet another real estate company that have most of the best agents in the field of business. They offer variety of services such buyers services such as marketing and forecasting, the best form of holding property – trust company or individual titles as well as related costs in transfer fees and transfer duty. The seller services including providing informal and formal valuation using the registered valuers, confirm sales particulars and review title documents. They also put the property in the market, advertising through various media and prepare it for viewing as well as personal attend each viewing and prepare draft contracts and sale agreements and help you understand the important clauses. Other services they offer are property management and landlords services.


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