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Location Of Muli Shopping Mall In Kitui Town And The Services Offered In Muli Shopping Mall In Kenya

location of muli shopping mall in kitui town and the services offered in muli shopping mall in kenya


Shopping Malls in Kenya have recently been an investment countrywide from the benefits that they offer to most Kenyans. Shopping Malls are buildings which host a range of businesses in Kenya that provide variety of services to customers seeking these services under one roof. These businesses available in most shopping malls in Kenya include banking services, Shopping areas and supermarkets, Boutiques and clothes shops and many more.

Kenya is one country in East Africa that evidently has widespread of upcoming shopping malls. Examples of these shopping malls in Kenya include the Westgate shopping mall in Westlands part of Nairobi, T-mall located along Lang’ata Road in Nairobi, West Side shopping Mall found in Nakuru Town in Kenya, the Thika Road Mall (TRM) found along Thika Road in Nairobi and among other malls is Muli shopping Mall found in Kitui Town in Kenya. Muli shopping Mall in Kenya is the first shopping mall in Kitui Town in Kenya. 

Services offered at Muli Shopping Mall in Kitui Town in Kenya:

Muli Mall in Kitui has a range of services which they offer to Kitui residents in Kenya and customers seeking their services. These services available in Muli shopping Mall in Kenya include;

Internet browsing in Muli shopping Mall; This Muli shopping Mall plays a host to most Cyber cafés in Kitui town in Kenya. The second floor of Muli shopping Mall has approximately five different Cyber Cafes in Kitui Town and they offer printing services, photocopying services and Document scanning.

Boutiques and Fashion shops in Muli shopping Mall; The first floor of Muli shopping Mall in Kitui is occupied by boutique shops where you can buy clothes, shoes among other fashion products at affordable prices.

County FM Radio station offices in Muli shopping Mall ; The major achievement of the Muli shopping Mall is that it hosts a Radio station (County FM) in Kenya and therefore the residents of Kitui Town can advertise their businesses easily and cheaply. The Radio Station available in Muli shopping Mall in Kitui saves the residents of Kitui costs of travelling to advertise their business. County FM radio station in Kitui is readily available for access by any Kitui resident.

Juhudi Studio in Muli shopping Mall; Juhudi Studio in Kitui is one of the shops selling electrical products in Muli shopping Mall such as power sockets, electricity cables and electronic appliances. These shops in Muli shopping Mall in Kitui also offer repair of Mobile phones services, repairing services of laptops in Kitui, Radio repairing services, Television sets repairing services among others.

Healthcare Services in Muli shopping Mall: Snow pharmacy located in Muli shopping Mall in Kitui provides health services to Kitui residents in Kenya. A range of chemists and branches of hospitals are also present in the Muli shopping Mall. Here you can get consultation of your health problems in Kitui town. Examples of a chemist shops in Muli shopping Mall include Snow pharmacy- where they provide any medical service and prescribe drugs in Kitui to any customer who pays them a visit.

NSSF services available in Muli shopping Mall; Muli Mall has a branch of the NSSF in Kenya, where you can access all NSSF services in Kitui Town such as balance enquiry, applying for an NSSF account in Kenya and replacement of an NSSF card in Kitui.

Safaricom shop in Muli shopping Mall; Safaricom shop in Kitui town is located in Muli shopping Mall. In the Safaricom Shop in Muli shopping Mall, you can have any of your Safaricom usage problems resolved by the highly qualified staff. You can purchase a Safaricom Sim-card, Registration of the Sim-cards and M-pesa, buy phones and phone accessories in the Safaricom outlet in Kitui Town in Kenya.

Kitui Mark Bookshop; Muli Mall plays an important role to learners who can access bookshops in Kitui Town in Kenya to purchase books and revision materials. Mark bookshop located in Muli shopping Mall is the major bookshop in Kitui which offers book service to learners at affordable prices.

Directions to Muli Shopping Mall from Kitui main Bus- Stop in Kenya

The main Kitui Bus station in Kenya brings people from all parts of Kenya to Kitui town. Direction from the Kitui bus station to the Muli shopping Mall is the easiest. From the Kitui bus station, follow either of the main roads from both sides of the Kitui bus stop to the north direction. This is a walking distance of approximately 300 meters to Muli shopping Mall in Kitui. From the left side of the road leading from Kitui bus stage, you will pass through KCB bank Kitui branch in Kenya and on the opposite of the KCB bank is the well built Muli Shopping Mall in Kitui.

The driving directions to Muli shopping Mall from the Kitui Municipal Offices in Kenya, you drive straight on for about 150 meters past the Family Bank Kitu Branch in Kenya, towards Co-operative bank Kitui Branch and finally to Muli Shopping Mall in Kitui.

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