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Location and contacts of Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) in Kenya.

location and contacts of innovation for poverty action ipa in kenya


Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) is a non governmental organization that operates in Kenya on a non profit basis. The Innovation for poverty action (IPA) created its branch office in Kenya in 2006 at the Nairobi city before creating another one in Kisumu city. IPA has their branches in other African counties such as Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Liberia and Mali and other countries outside Africa such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China and Indonesia.

The main mission of IPA in Kenya is to apply their research findings in developing, testing and scaling solutions to the problems experienced by many Kenyans. These problems are identified through research. Therefore, IPA is featured in many projects for Kenyans. These projects includes WASH benefits project, Kenya Life Panel Survey, multiple use water system, fertilizer project, HIV and education project, financial access impact measurement project and Urban micro-insurance project.

The main branch office of IPA in Kenya is located in Nairobi city while the other one is in Kisumu city. In Nairobi city, the IPA offices are located in Jonathan courts, along Ngong road. The Nairobi IPA offices are placed just next to Coptic hospital. The contacts of IPA in Nairobi are through telephone, email address, postal address and their website. The telephone number of IPA Nairobi branch in Kenya is +254 0 707 387 429, +254 0 738 387 429, +254 0 20 271 0237. The postal address of IPA office in Nairobi is P.O. Box 72427-00200 Nairobi, Kenya. The email address of IPA is [email protected] while their website is www.poverty-action.org.

The other branch of IPA in Kenya that is found in Kisumu city is located in Drive Milimani estate along Tom Mboya road. Their telephone contact is +254 721 950 856. The postal address for the Kisumu city IPA branch is P.O. Box 2663-40100 Kisumu, Kenya. They use the email address [email protected] while their website is www.poverty-action.org.

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