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Kenya Orient Mobile Insurance Company: How You Can Insure Mobile Phones Devices In Kenya

kenya orient mobile insurance company how you can insure mobile phones devices in kenya


As Kenyans have found innovative ways to use mobile phones, from conducting business through mpesa ,to paying workers, to mobile banking and internet use in Kenya, the importance has become a necessity. With the number of mobile phone users in Kenya standing at an approximate number of 29 million mobile subscribers-with an expected growth of 1.7% in the coming year, means that one in every two people carries and uses a mobile phone in Kenya. With this expansive growth comes the need to always secure your mobile phone in Kenya from loss, be it theft or dropping it in water, to misplacement , quick replacement is important to ensure that business goes by unaffected.

How to secure your mobile phone in Kenya through Kenya Orient Insurance Company

Kenya Orient Insurance Company has launched an mobile insurance product in Kenya giving Kenyans convenient and affordable solutions to alleviate mobile phone loss. For a mobile phone to be eligible for insurance by Kenya Orient Insurance Company, the mobile phone in Kenya has to be genuine and less than 2 years old from the date of purchase.To activate mobile phone insurance cover in Kenya, Kenyans will send an SMS with the word “MOBILE” as a code to 70707 with the mobile device that the user wants to be insured in Kenya. The mobile phone insurance subscriber with Kenya Orient Insurance Company then receives a confirmation SMS with a link to Orient Mobile Insurance website in Kenya, where they are compelled to fill the mobile insurance cover form in Kenya and submit to continue with the sign-up process.

After confirmation of the details of your mobile device, the insurance value of the mobile phone in Kenya is calculated based on the model, make and year of purchase of the device. Also taken into account is the depreciation rate of the mobile device, hence the premium for the mobile cover in Kenya is then calculated accurately using high technology with lowest premium starting at Ksh.999 per annum.

Kenyans will be able to register multiple mobile devices insurance using their National ID or Passport number, however, the insurance cover for each device must be purchased separately as each mobile is given a unique policy number. Introducing this policy by Kenya Orient Company has facilitated the insurance of mobile phone in Kenya as a stand-alone item that could only be covered previously as part of household items. With this, Kenyans will feel more adequately prepared in the instances of phone loss hence they should take advantage of this first, one of a kind paperless Kenya Orient Insurance Company insurance transaction in Kenya and take the insurance cover in throngs.

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