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insurance companies in kenya


Kenya is one of the countries in Africa which has the most population which reside in overcrowded areas mostly in urban centres. Urban centres in Kenya such as Nairobi has a very high population which even exceed the available resources for the benefits of all the residents. The resources which are overwhelmed by the high population include health facilities and medical centres, better housing facilities and general infrastructure. This overcrowding is therefore the sole reason of unemployment in the urban areas which have become very rampant and the major challenge.

The overcrowding of the areas and the poor housing and medical facilities thereby expose the people to injuries and accidents which may occur in these areas. Overcrowded areas such as slums have poor drainage systems and therefore exposing the residents to diseases and epidemics. There is therefore the need for insurance of the people to damages, accidents and injuries that they are more prone to and/or exposed to. Insurance companies therefore try to insure them to be able to compensate for their losses and other damages that may occur within them.

Insurance companies not only insure people in damage-prone areas but they also insure the general public as accidents are inevitable and have no timing of their occurrence. Insurance companies in Kenya have therefore come up with a lot of initiatives and features to curb and be able to cover all casualties effectively without straining the insured. The well-established insurance companies that provide best of the insurance services to their customers in Kenya include;

JUBILEE insurance company

This is one of the insurance company that is majorly best in provision of medical insurance designed for individuals and families which include children and spouses where they brand their medical insurance policy as J care Medical policy which has four plans with varying cover limits. This medical policy covers for all medical conditions which even include the maternity cover as well as personal accident benefits. The other best insurance policy that they offer is the career life Gold policy that enables the insured to build up fund over a period of time to enable you meet your child’s school fees obligations at the various stages of the child’s education.

African Merchant Assurance Co. Ltd 

This insurance company provides vast insurance policies for business and home solutions that have major benefits to the clients. The major business insurance policies that they offer include Fire and Perils policy to compensate on losses and destructions from fire, consequential losses, Burglary insurance, Professional Indemnity, Goods in Transit and much more. The home solution policies offer include Domestic Package insurance, Personal Accident policy as well as Motor insurance policy.

The Heritage Insurance Co. Ltd

This is the leading wealth management company which offer insurance services to their clients. At Heritage insurance Co Ltd, they provide short term insurance products and they pride themselves on the history of claim payments. The unique insurance policy that Heritage Insurance Co. Ltd offer is the Agriculture policy which involve the Perils Covered in form of fire, windstorms, excessive rainfall and hails. Other areas covered within this policy is livestock health and livestock mortality due to Perils as well as Greenhouses destruction by any environmental factors or fire.

CIC Insurance Group Ltd 

This company has been able to dependably shoulder the risks of the Kenyan people by providing insurance services that help them plan for life stage needs, secure their future, protection against rising health expenses and safeguard their investments. The common insurance policies that they offer include the life assurance policy, asset management as well as CIC general insurance policy that cover all the accidents and casualties that may occur to their clients.

Madison Insurance

This is a Kenyan owned insurance company that is leading in offering of both the Life and General insurance products with the best competitive prices. Madison insurance ensure that their clients are most comfortable in their lives. The major policies include health policies which cover for the health of all people in your households, life insurance and the general insurance.

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