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Important Facilities That Mumias Sugar Company workers Benefit From

important facilities that mumias sugar company workers benefit from



Mumias is one the largest sugar companies in Kenya. Its operations take place in outskirts of Mumias town about 5 kilometers from the town, along Mumias- Bungoma road. The company grows cane and buys cane from farmers which it then process to produce sugar and other cane by products such as jiggery and molasses. The company also has started production of ethanol which is used in the generation of electricity.

The company is the main employer in the region of both skilled and unskilled people who work for the company in various departments. The company provides market for cane farmers in Mumias, Bungoma, Kakamega and Busia Counties. The company has employed a large population of workers with big portion of the population staying in the company workers’ estate.

Workers benefit from various services offered by different facilities in the company. Workers are provided with housing by the company which is done based on the categories of the employee. The criteria used in allocating the houses to employees depend on the house category, nature of the work of the employee and the grade of the employee.The various estates found in the company that have 2356 housing units in total include: Lower and upper central estates, Artisan and managerial estates.

Medical services have been available to the company’s employees. These services are provided at the medical facility in the company. The facility is run by clinical officers, doctors and other support staff. The services offered at this facility include: Family planning, Voluntary counseling and testing, medical laboratory services and maternal child health services.

Within the company also recreational and learning facilities are available. These include primary schools as well as secondary schools. Some of the recreational facilities are available the Mumias sugar sports Complex. These facilities include: paying grounds for volleyball, netball, basketball and football. There are also library, bar and restaurant services as well as conference and auditorium hall. All this has made the company benefit from the great input of high morale workers and hence its rapid growth.



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