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How To Register And Use PesaMob Mobile Service In Kenya Launched By Family Bank

how to register and use pesamob mobile service in kenya launched by family bank


Family bank in Kenya has surprised us yet again with a brilliant innovation, a virtual banking system in Kenya that is secure and convenient that enables Kenyans to do their banking in Kenya from anywhere at any time. The fully operational Family Bank mobile banking system in Kenya offers Family Bank users a wide range of banking services in Kenya. The main focus of the PesaMob Service launch by Family Bank is to attract more that 5 million small and medium traders in Kenya especially in the rural areas and those in un-bankable parts of Kenya. The Family bank mobile banking system enables the small traders in Kenya to start banking by easing access to financial services in Kenya without the hurdles that are normally associated with banking in Kenya such as queuing for hours in banking halls and filling up deposit slips.

How To Register and activate PesaMob Service in Kenya Family Bank

As physical presence to the banking halls in Kenya is not necessary, registration to Pesa Mob service by Family bank in Kenya is fast and easy. To register PesaMob service in Kenya, the Family Bank customer should dial *325#, you will be compelled to answer the simple prompts that appear which includes your full names, your ID number, the preferred mobile phone number that you will be using for your banking activities in Kenya. Your will receive a confirmation text message immediately notifying you that your details have been received and are being processed for the PesaMob service in Kenya. Another text message will be sent by the Family Bank in Kenya to your phone giving you a temporary pin to use that you will be expected to change to a more convenient secure one once you activate PesaMob Service on your mobile phone in Kenya.

After changing your PesaMob service in Kenya pin, you can now log in to your account to start your Family Bank activities where the main menu will appear that whose features include; Airtime Purchase, Mpesa money transfer, Bill Payments, Balance Enquiry and provision of Mini Statements. The PesaMob financial service in Kenya also enables Family Bank customers a full range of banking services in Kenya which allows customers to withdraw cash over Family Bank ATM locations, get the processing of their salaries done, deposit cash via Mpesa and to transfer funds to other accounts within the Family Bank in Kenya. Customers of Family Bank in Kenya are also able to get access to micro loan facilities in Kenya conveniently without ever having to visit a physical Family Bank Hall through the newly launched Pesa Mob service in Kenya. This PesaMob financial product of Family Bank in Kenya has enabled bank customers in Kenya to have the convenience of paying for county fees in Kenya such as rent, licenses and land rates.

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