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How to import or export Motor vehicles to Kenya

how to import or export motor vehicles to kenya


Motor vehicles are the most important automobiles which are required by most of the people for their transportation as well as that of their belongings. This makes it therefore one of the commodity that everyone needs for the smooth running of their life-operations. Motor vehicles are manufactured and made available by certain companies in the country and abroad the popular been General Motors in Kenya. However, other people may want to purchase vehicles from outside Kenya due to various reasons. This has made the acquisition of vehicles from abroad to be given more credit as it has a lot of requirements. For the good will some companies have been established to ease the process of international vehicle acquisition. One of the best company that specialize in car export and imports is the Auto Kenya Company.

Auto Kenya Ltd is one the best company based in Kenya which provides the car shipping services to its customers. This company aims at providing professional, knowledgeable, experienced car exportation and importation services to Kenyans. They deliver very high level of customer service, cost saving for the customers as well as develop a good business relationship through the smooth transactions. They ensure that they offer the shipping services as well as clearance of the vehicles from the ports to the respective owners.

The exportation and importation procedures have a lot of requirements for the safety of the shipped commodities. For shipping of the a car, the age limit of the car should be certain in that the car should be manufactured in a certain year for it be allowed in the country from abroad. Other requirements are the road worthiness of the car as they should be inspected by JEVIC or QISJ for its road worthiness prior to Shipment and the left hand drive are not registered unless they are to be used for special purpose. This company has various shipping methods but regardless of the method used, the transit time is a period of 21 days or more. The shipping methods include roll on roll off as well as use of containers.

The shipping service is also offered to the returning residents from outside the country. They may import one exempt motor vehicle for the returning resident provided that the residents has attained the age of 18 years, the vehicle is registered to his/her name for a period of at least the last 1 year excluding the shipment period, the vehicle is to arrive within 90 days of the owners arrival, must have stayed in the foreign country for more than two years and the within the two years, they did not make a visit and stayed in Kenya for a period of exceeding an aggregate of 90 days.

After the shipping of the vehicle from the respective abroad country in to Kenya using the Auto-Kenya as the medium of the transactions, there are documents which are required before the vehicle is cleared and they include the original passport, the vehicle logbook, bill of lading, pre-inspection certificate and the KRA PIN Card. This company is Kenya therefore has proved to be one of the best for the shipping of the vehicles from abroad as they are cost-effective and they reduce the shipping period.

For any enquiries or for their services, they can be contacted through Telephone +44 208 819 1265, fax +44 208 819 1275, email at [email protected]

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