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How To Get To The Village Market In Gigiri Area In Nairobi, Kenya

how to get to the village market in gigiri area in nairobi kenya


The village market in Kenya is one of the shopping complexes found within Nairobi centre. Village Market in Nairobi covers over 20,000 square feet in terms of area and houses over 150 stores in Nairobi. The Village market in Kenya accommodates entertainment shops, office rentals as well as popular chain stores.

The Village Market was commissioned by two brothers Hamed and Mehraz Ehsani in 1992, and it opened its doors to the Kenyan public in 1995. The two brothers had the idea to build a shopping and recreation experience for Nairobi residents living within the area.

The Village Market complex began with a modest ten stores but has over time expanded to house over 150 stores. The latest addition to the Village Market shopping complex is the Tribe hotel which is an affluent 5 star hotel in Nairobi.

The Village Market houses at least 35 stores that deal in design and fashion wear in Nairobi. There are also a couple of shops dealing in perfumery and accessories within Village Market in Kenya. The Nakumatt chain of stores in Kenya, that stocks foodstuff and household products is also found within the Village Market complex. There is also a supermarket specifically set for the diplomats living within the suburb whose commodities are usually exempt from V.A.T and other local tax charges within the Village Market shopping centre in Nairobi.

For the food lovers, The Village Market accommodates eateries in Nairobi that offer both international and local recipes. The Village Market shopping complex also has a nursing room for nursing mothers as well as an accessible prayer room for the faithfuls. There are also accessible restrooms within The Village Market shopping complex in Nairobi. Among the banks found within the Villlage Market, KCB has a branch within the mall in Nairobi.

The Village Market shopping complex is located in Gigiri area in Nairobi, which is approximately 10 kilometers from the city centre. Gigiri suburbs in Kenya are home to most diplomats, expatriates and other United Nations officials living in Kenya. As such, the Village Market Shopping complex targets such people as the most possible clientele. You can get access to matatus number 106 at the Khoja bus station, to get to the Village Market via public means. Village Market in Nairobi is found along Limuru Road in Nairobi, just past the German school Nairobi and Comfort Gardens.

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