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How To Get To The Embassy of Belgium In Nairobi And The Belgium Consulate In Mombasa Kenya

how to get to the embassy of belgium in nairobi and the belgium consulate in mombasa kenya


The Belgian embassy is a diplomatic mission in Kenya consisting of a number of Belgians who represent the country of Belgium in an official capacity in Kenya. The person in charge of a diplomatic mission is referred to as an ambassador.

Belgians who have relocated to Kenya can seek any kind of assistance from the embassy of Belgium in Nairobi. Kenyans who are also willing to travel to Belgium also go to the Belgium embassy offices in Nairobi to get their visas and other necessary travel documents.

Contrary to popular belief, the Embassy of Belgium like all other embassies found in Kenya is not a sovereign territory of Belgium, and as such it does not enjoy full extraterritorial favors. The Belgium Embassy grounds remain under the jurisdiction of Kenya. However, the Belgium embassy in Kenya is afforded special privileges exempted from most Kenyan local laws. The diplomats and ambassadors in Kenya, however, are accorded full diplomatic immunity. This being the case, the host country, say Kenya cannot enter the premises of the Embassy of Belgium without permission.

In Kenya, the embassy of Belgium is located along Limuru Road in Gigiri part of Nairobi city. To get to the Belgium Embassy, you can get matatus at the Khoja Roundabout, numbers 106, 107 and 11B. The Embassy of Belgium in Kenya is located approximately 800 meters from Gigiri center in Nairobi. The Embassy of Belgium in Kenya can also be accessed online via their website, http://diplomatie.belgium.be/kenya.

The Belgium Embassy in Kenya also has a consulate in Mombasa. A consulate is somewhat similar to an embassy in Kenya but deals with personal and/or business interests. The Belgium Consulate in Kenya is located on DEMP House, Ras Kisauni Road off the Old Malindi Road towards Nyali Bridge in Mombasa, Kenya. Besides personally accessing the Consulate of Belgium in Kenya, you could also reach them via [email protected], which is the official website of the Consulate of Belgium here in Kenya.

For those willing to take a flight to Belgium to enjoy the scenic features, as well as the rich culture, there are the directions as to how to reach the embassy and the consulate of Belgium here in Kenya.

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