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How To Get To Taj Shopping Mall In Embakasi Area In Nairobi, Kenya

how to get to taj shopping mall in embakasi area in nairobi kenya


Taj Shopping Mall is one of the shopping malls in Nairobi City. Taj Mall in Nairobi is located in the greater Embakasi area approximately 15 kilometers south east of the Nairobi city centre. Taj Shopping mall in Embakasi is located along Outer Ring Road at the Airport South Road roundabout in Nairobi.

Taj Shopping Mall in Kenya is accessible from either Mombasa Road at the City Cabanas entrance or from Jogoo Road via Outer Ring Road in Nairobi. This means that the Taj Mall is strategically placed to serve residents of Nairobi along both major roads in Nairobi. The Taj mall in Embakasi is approximately 5 minutes drive from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

Taj shopping mall in Kenya is accessible by both public and private means. The public service vehicles in Nairobi that use the Taj Mall route are found along Accra Road, opposite the Kenya National Archives along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi city centre. The vehicles plying Jogoo Road/Mombasa Road route in Nairobi are matatu number 33 as well as the Embassava buses all found in the same bus stage in Nairobi town.

Some of the services found within the Taj Shopping Mall in Nairobi

Major Banks in Kenya: There are at least 4 banks, including Chase Bank, NIC, Consolidated Bank and Equity Bank outlets within the Taj shopping mall in Embakasi, Nairobi. These bank outlets in Taj Mall are ideally placed for the shoppers within the mall.

Boutiques in Taj Mall in Nairobi: There are many boutiques, jewelry shops as well as salons within the Taj Shopping mall in Nairobi. You can also get photographs taken at a Kodak photo studio found on the ground floor of the Taj Shopping mall in Embakasi.

Supermarkets in Taj Mall in Embakasi: The Uchumi supermarket has made its presence known whilst giving shoppers value for their money on the first floor of Taj shopping mall.

Medical facilities found in Taj Mall in Nairobi: There are two hospital branches in Taj Mall of renowned hospitals. One of the branches is an outlet of The Mater Hospital while the other is of Aga Khan Hospital found within Taj Shopping mall. There is also areas designed for children entertainment on the Taj Shopping mall over the weekends. Children are taught how to skate over the weekends from 8 am to 5 pm. There are also face painting activities and bouncing castles aimed at entertaining the children.

The Taj Mall has ample parking space at the basement, on the rooftop and also on the compound. There is also a ramp and a lift that enable access within various sections of the mall.

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