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How To Apply TSC Payslips Online In Kenya

how to apply tsc payslips online in kenya


Teachers Service Commission in Kenya is a body that deals with teachers in Kenya. Teachers service Commission (TSC) is responsible for registering all the qualified teachers in Kenya before they can teach in any public institutions in Kenya or any private institutions in Kenya. Teachers Service Commission in Kenya has offices in Nairobi Upper Hill area near Shelter Afrique Centre.

Teachers Service Commission in Kenya provides online services for Kenyans such as applying TSC jobs online, applying payslips online, wealth declaration forms in Kenya, Teacher registration, Pension Matters such as voluntary retirement services, NSSF in Kenya and contributory pension scheme. Teachers can access the TSC online through their website.

To get a payslip online in Kenya from TSC, Kenyans should access the Teachers Service Commission website on www.tsc.go.ke and click on registering for pay slips online. You can also click directly to registering for a payslip in Kenya online viahttp://www.tsc.go.ke/index.php/online-payslips-registration. To get online payslips in Kenya, you need to fill out the form on the page that appears after clicking register for a payslip here. The form for getting a payslip online requires Kenyans to provide truthful details about the TSC number in Kenya, the names, ID number, KRA Tax PIN in Kenya, Date of birth, Designation code, Pay station code, Bank account number, mobile number and personal email address. Kenyans are also required to create a new password, to confirm the new password and to select a unique secret question and an answer to the secret question for easy recovery of the account on TSC website in Kenya.

All the components of the TSC online payslip registration form in Kenya are mandatory and the applicants are required to provide truthful details. You can get deregistered on the TSC Online payslip account where your account is suspected of fraudulent details or wrong information. You can email the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya about any enquiries on getting payslips online in Kenya via [email protected]. Once you have registered for the payslip online, you can login to TSC online payslips in Kenya site through http://www.tsc.go.ke/3pv4/login.php Where you will be required to enter your TSC number in Kenya and password previously created.

Once you have TSC payslip online login details, you can get payslips for any month. The TSC Payslips online on Teachers Service Commission website in Kenya usually provides information about which month’s payslips are available.

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