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How To Activate A Dormant Bank Account With Equity Bank In Kenya

how to activate a dormant bank account with equity bank in kenya


Equity bank is one of the banks in Kenya that are growing at a high rate to the extent of opening other branches outside Kenya (in East Africa). Equity bank in Kenya has almost opened branches in every corner of Kenya because I was surprised to see Equity bank at Lodwar town in Turkana County in Kenya which is far and located at the Northern part of Kenya. Equity Bank in Kenya is also a good bank in terms of savings. In essence, if you are a student in Kenya and you open a bank account with Equity, Equity Bank will not charge you monthly rate unless at the time of withdrawing money from your student account in Kenya.

There are various reasons why people opt to open an account with any bank in Kenya. Some open bank accounts in Kenya to cater for their business savings, to receive their salaries once they are employed, and others may decide to open out of pressure because their friends have also opened bank accounts. I personally opened an account with Equity bank because I wanted to be paid my dues by Independent Election and Boundary Commission (IEBC) of Kenya through Equity bank in Kenya when I was given a contract of three months in 2010. What happened is that I did not use my Equity bank account in Kenya because I was forced to open another bank account with Kenya commercial bank (KCB) in Kenya. From that moment, I did not deposit any amount to the Equity bank account I opened until recently when I decided to go and activate it because it had remained dormant for those years.

People in Kenya who open bank accounts out of peer pressure also find themselves in the situation I was whereby their Equity bank accounts in Kenya remain dormant for so long due lack of finances to save. I decided to go and activate my Equity Bank dormant account in Kenya when I realized that Equity bank in Kenya do not charge someone for saving, unlike other banks in Kenya that charge savings. I also realized that Equity bank in Kenya is the best place to deposit little amounts of money that you can get for future use.

If you have a dormant bank account in Equity bank in Kenya and you want to activate it, it is very simple procedure. You just need to visit any branch of Equity bank in Kenya. The personnel at the reception in Equity Bank will only require your original national identification card especially if you do not remember your account number. Approach any personnel of the Equity bank in Kenya at the reception and you could be directed to where you can be assisted in the bank. There is a place where they check bank balances, bank statements and enquires in any Equity Bank in Kenya.

This enquiries desk in Equity Bank in Kenya is the place they will assist you with the activation of your Equity bank account number. The person serving clients in Equity bank in Kenya will give you a form to fill, and if you cannot remember your account number, they will write for you in a piece of paper. The Equity bank account activation form in Kenya is filled by addressing to the bank manager stating the request for activation and the reasons why the account was dormant. After filling the form, you will be required to pay Kshs. 220 over the counter for the Equity bank account to be activated. You will get back to the Equity bank personnel who gave you the form once you have paid the money together with a copy of your national identification card. Once you hand over the filled form, they will enter your details, and your Equity bank account will be activated.

For more information, you can visit a nearby Equity bank branch in Kenya or their website at www.equitybank.co.ke.


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