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G4S Security Service Company As The Leading Provider Of Private Security Services In Kenya

g4s security service company as the leading provider of private security services in kenya


G4s Kenya is by far the most known market leader in the security business in Kenya that provides quality manned security services within Kenya. With the ever increasing insecurity, the need for quality security is on the rise in Kenya. The core value of G4S Kenya is to focus on customer satisfaction hence they strive to demonstrate their innovativeness by their continued attempt in search and delivery of the right solution to ever changing evolving problems, challenging themselves to improve their performance, striving to be the most trusted manned security company in Kenya and a perfect model for other private security companies in the world.

Services offered by G4S Security Services Company in Kenya

As G4S security in Kenya is mostly known for its manned security services, it provides attractive Packages services in Kenya which include G4S Premier Security Officer for the elite who want VIP services, G4S security officers to man Banks in Kenya, Colleges, Go Downs, G4S prestige security officers who are mostly used to guard and escort money from one bank to another in Kenya, G4S outsourced supervision in airports in Kenya and for work done especially in factories in Kenya, G4S canine unit for extra protection, G4S courier services in Kenya, 24 hour G4S ambulance service in Kenya staffed with qualified and experienced personnel to enable clients in Kenya receive urgent medical attention where and when required until they get to the nearest hospital. G4S security company in Kenya also has a G4S 24 hour fire brigade which is fully manned with quality working rescue equipment which is refilled with water constantly. The G4S security company in Kenya also has four other fire stations in Kenya, strategically placed near the busiest volatile working places to ensure swift response is given in time of need. The G4S security Company in Kenya has fire stations in Nairobi located in UNON Gigiri in Nairobi, G4S fire station in Serena Hotel in Nairobi, G4S fire station in East African Breweries found in Ruaraka in Nairobi and G4S fire station in Industrial Area of Nairobi.

Location of G4S Security Services Company offices in Nairobi

To get the services of the G4S security services in Kenya, one will have to visit the head office of G4S Security Services Kenya Limited to get the memorandum and price offer of the desired service package. The G4S Security Company Head office in Nairobi is located at Witu Road off Lusaka Road near Nyayo stadium in Nairobi city in Kenya. To get to the Head offices of G4S security services limited in Kenya, you take matatu number 15 from the Nairobi central bus station in the Nairobi CBD. The fare prices to G4S offices in Nairobi range from Ksh 30 in off peak hours to Ksh 50 on peak hours. Other G4S Security Services offices in Nairobi are located at airport North Road in Embakasi and G4S Security services offices in Hilton Arcade on Mama Ngina Street in Nairobi, Kenya.

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