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Equity Bank Services Available In Nakuru Town In Kenya

equity bank services available in nakuru town in kenya


Equity Bank is one of the many bank service providers in Kenya, and it has Equity Bank branches all over Kenya. Many people in Kenya have taken to the idea of banking and mostly prefer banks in Kenya which provide services such as special accounts like Jijenge account in Equity bank, loans at an affordable rate and other banking benefits in Kenya that people need. Equity bank in Kenya has been a known bank for a long time to be a good provider of Equity Bank Loans options such as agricultural loans, asset finance loans in Kenya, micro business loans in Kenya, women loans in Kenya and consumer loans in Kenya. Apart from loans in Kenya, Equity bank provides users with deposit and withdrawal of cash services in Equity ordinary accounts, school fees accounts, teen bank accounts in Kenya and many others. In Nakuru, Equity bank in Kenya has four branches located within Nakuru town.

One of the Equity bank branches in Nakuru is Equity Gate House in Kenya. Equity bank of Kenya located in Gate House in Nakuru town in Kenya is found on Kenyatta Lane in Nakuru, next to Shoppers Paradise and Opposite to Biashara Centre in Nakuru. The Equity Bank Gate House branch in Nakuru is also next to the Nairobi Eldoret Highway in Kenya and just a few minutes from the Nakuru Biashara Main Stage in Kenya.

The other Equity bank of Kenya branch in Nakuru is Equity Bank Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue. The Equity bank branch along Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru is located opposite Bata shoe outlet in Nakuru and just near Gilanis Supermarket in Nakuru. This Equity Bank Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue is located in the middle of Nakuru Town in Kenya and mostly serves people from all Nakuru estates and Nakuru town dwellers.

The third Equity Bank Branch in Nakuru Town in Kenya is Equity Bank located along the Nairobi-Eldoret Highway a few minutes from Nakuru main stage. The Equity Bank Branch in Nakuru part of Kenya is located on a stage called Posta in Nakuru along Moi Road. The Equity Bank branch is near Postal Offices in Nakuru and near JKUAT Nakuru campus in Kenya.

The fourth branch of Equity Bank in Kenya found in Nakuru is located in Nakumatt Westside mall along Nairobi-Eldoret Highway in Kenya. The Equity Bank branch is located along side the Nakumatt Westside Mall on first floor of the building in Nakuru town in Kenya. The Equity Bank in Nakumatt Westside Mall in Nakuru mostly serve shoppers in the mall and residents of Nakuru in nearby Nakuru estates in Kenya, such as Shabab, Bangladesh, Pangani, and Afraha. To contact any of the branches of Equity Bank in Kenya found in Nakuru, you should go to the Equity bank website on www.equitybank.co.ke.

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